Bonds of Weakness

Ok, since I’ve done my fair share of complaining, I’m going to attempt to turn the page and try to be more positive about this Sith raid. To that end, is there an ideal defense to Traya’s Bonds of Weakness? It seems there has to be some way to combat it since it insta-zaps your viability and shortens any attempt to make a sizable amount of damage into the p3 run. There has to be a trick. I wish it was still STHan (sorry, had to say it), but since that’s no longer an option..........


  • the update did anything change related to Bonds of Weakness being applied on attack of her sabers? Or did I just not notice it before?
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    The "trick" is to use Stand Alone and get your squad back to full health while Treya is kneeling. Without Stand Alone your toons will suffer huge damage even if you try to use healing abilities. You got 5 attempts to use Stand Alone and since she is very fast and hits hard you do not need more because Enrage is reached rather quickly.

    It was a mistake to have her inflict an unresistable, undispellable buff immunity because all the toons that survive the first hit after Enrage cannot use abilities that increase damage for a final blow (for example Colonel Starck can not apply critical damage up).
  • Has anyone figured out an ideal stack count before using the restart ability? I try not to let it go above 20 but that's probably too late. I like to use it on someone who's about to die anyway but that isn't always an option.
  • Clearly I haven’t “figured it out.” Stand Alone seems pointless. You stand alone and then that toon is targeted and killed more quickly. I’ve tried several different ways. Just not a fan.
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    What team did you play? I have never lost a toon when it had Stand Alone.
  • G12 zTalzin (lead), G12 Asajj, G12 Daka, G12 Acolyte, and G11 zBariss
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    I used almost the same team, Visas instead of Barriss. It worked .. they did not die with Stand Alone active
  • Not with stand alone active but it didn’t seem to prolong life. Certainly didn’t seem to land any additional damage. They just wailed on the one with stand alone until it expired and then it went right back to them kicking my azz. I just fail to see the point, I guess.
  • It helps to have someone that heals on basic. Nightsisters ventress or Talia. That being said I normally do it when there is only one blade left once you topple her its gone.
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