I think it's about time we got a new tier of challenges!

Challenges are as old as I can remember and never been changed, the game has changed so much since then but the challenges remain and we have stacks of gear in the thousands that we will never run short of anyways.

We need a new tier in challenges that is very hard to 3 star, maybe even require gear 11-12 with decent mods to 3 star and it's going to drop a higher amount of carbantis and syringes as well as a reasonable amount of cuffs, mk 3--4 holo sensors, stun guns, droid callers and furnaces.

Having gear 12 in the game while being stuck at gear 7 or 8 due to lack of syringes and carbantis is very painful...

Lastly let me say that the price of a fully crafted carbanti and syringe at 1400 crystals in shipments is a little over the top, I would like to see that price down to at least 1000, if not 700 crystals for a fully crafted one.

Maybe I'm asking for too much but let's face it, when you have 12 gear tiers and you can't get past 7 or 8 it's kind of annoying especially when characters start becoming viable at gear 10 minimum and for arena g11 and that's if their kit is good enough to compensate for the lack of gear.


  • Kyno
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    Moved to correct sub forum.

    I hope so, but don't see it happening in the foreseeable future... :frowning:
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