[Inquiry] Atrreyu's inquiry about Sith Raid

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This discussion was created from comments split from: [Feedback] Last update broke everything about the Sith team in my opinion.


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    @CG_RyDiggs the real question is why do you evade the question of garbage rewards in the new broken raid? We want a concrete response as to why are players who beat the new sith raid get the same garbage rewards that many have hundreds and thousands of. What's the point of rolling out a new raid that is difficult, you nerf the viable teams, you basically make it a requirement to get jtr as you've pigeon holed many with what can be used only to then get such lack luster rewards. If you think about it it's pointless to run this raid. One gets the same rewards in other raids. We'd be very interested in hearing your rebuttal and not a politicians response basically speaking and saying nothing. Savvy
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