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  • Level increase could actually happen on May 4. Just something to think about.
  • Level increase could happen May 4th. Something to think about
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    Lvl cap is not what's going to make or break the game, what DOES have potential to break the game is mods. If they magically come out with new mod challenge tiers that give 6* or 7* mods imagine having 2.5 years of work building toons and modding completely invalidated by new “God” mods.

    I have every toon with a full set of 5* mods, if they make me refarm every single mod for every single toon I’ll uninstall. I don’t know if the devs are 1. smart enough to see this potential problem, or 2. if they would even care... CG: “F U, and F your 2.5 years of work.... buy these 7* mod packs”. My suggestion to avoid this potential game changing/breaking hurdle is to implement some type of way to increase * lvls on our current mods. Make the mods upgradable like toons. Maybe make low * mods have higher chances to get good rolls. Gold 3* mods will be better overall if you upgrade them 3-7 as opposed to taking a 5-7. Will change the mod landscape in a good way. Because as is I sell everything that’s not 5* already. Food for thought

    100% this guy's got it. I'd be livid too. Same boat here and I'm sure many players. I farm mods everyday and have great mods on alot of toons. Be a shame to see all that work for nothing. Probably be my breaking point too.
  • Imagine the cost of bringing 7* mod to L15. Right now a 5* mod costs 486K.... what's a 7* mod going cost.. 800K
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    Imagine the cost of bringing 7* mod to L15. Right now a 5* mod costs 486K.... what's a 7* mod going cost.. 800K

    This. The issue with going to 7* mods and raising the level cap is that progression into the upper levels of this game are not linear - they are exponential. As an example, to take a character from level 70 to 75 is 944k credits. To take that same character from level 80 to level 85 (still just 5 levels) is now 1.63 million credits....almost double. The same holds true for mods. On a 5* to go from level 1 to 12 is about 169k. From 13 to 15 is (as JM listed above) a total of 486k - it triples over the last 3 levels.

    My concern is that your 800k estimate is low. 6* mods will be close to 750k, with 7* well over 1 million would be my guess.
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  • I understand that there will always be level increases from time to time but I hope the next increase comes with additional ways to get more credits. Just keep the balance or it will turn a bunch of players away from the game for sure.
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  • If the level goes up I will just level up arena team, not stressing
  • First it only took a few days to go from 80 to 85 on my base account as a F2P. I imagine it will take twice as long this time.
    I expect we will get 10 level nodes on each type of battle, probably 24 or 25 energy costs too. That may be where the wickets and MTs end up.
    The credit crunch will be serious but everyone will prioritize their key toons just like we did last time.
    Mods, I don’t know. I suspect they will F us and make us farm 6-7 dot ones, hopefully on a new level though. The whales will open their wallets and the gap will open back up.
  • I think they will increase the level cap eventually. This could have some potential. If the level cap increases, the following could happen (not based on facts, just my thoughts)

    - Characters that are not that viable could get a stronger boost from 85-90 while characters that are being too strong will have a small boost, making more characters (a little) more viable
    - Some abilities that do not have zeta upgrades could get zeta upgrades that will unlock at lvl 86-90
    - Gearing up to lvl XIII could be a level 90 feature.
    - And the last thing I can remember, but is not that likely. In the main screen there is a saved space for some sort of new gameplay. This could be unlocked at level 90.

  • I honestly do not understand this "if you release mk 7 mods I will quit" banter. You have all your toons decked out at 5 star mods, great. This game is constantly progressing and new content keeps coming out. If you honestly expect them to not release new content just because "you worked hard to get what you have" then this game honestly is not for you. People who used to farm heroes that were made more available (like FO pilot) worked for nothing while we have it easy right? Tough.
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    Nothing to add.
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