My Team for BB-8

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Hi guys. Here's a look at my FO team for BB-8. It is pretty low level, but it got the job done and I have my 7* little basketball. Hope it is helpful for those who don't have him yet!

KRU - g8 - all abilities maxed except zetas (I use him in ships) - Leader
Kylo - g8 - level 6 abilities
FOTP - g8 - level 7 abilities
FOO - g6 - level 6 abilities
Phasma - g7 - level 6 abilities

My mods are really mediocre. I had 30 speed arrows on KRU and Kylo, 21 arrow on FOTP. Maybe 60 total extra speed on KRU and 40 on Kylo. Lots of protection on KRU as he taunts. Key is using FOO and Phasma to give TM to your team to keep the stun train going.

Use both kylos to keep a stun on BB-8 so he can't get Illuminated destiny off. My second target for stun was rey if you can manage it. Then Chewie as he can stun you. Kill order is rey -> han -> chewie -> bb-8 -> finn.

Hope that helps!


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    Nice strat
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    But he sets off illuminated destiny instantly in the last couple battles so you can’t keep that from happening
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    You need good speed on your stunners. In my strategy, BB8 would use secret intel twice before one of my Kylo's would go. Then you can stun him to keep the illuminated destiny from happening. He doesn't use it on his first move, and in the battle that I finished 7* BB8, he never got illuminated destiny off because of the stuns.
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