Reward Structure for Sit Raid (not a negative post)

I know there has been a lot of controversy around the forums about the Sith Triumverate Raid (STR), but I think there is part of the reward structure that makes a lot of sense.

There has been a lot of complaints regarding an imbalance between gear received as a reward and the effort required to defeat the raid. However, if you notice the guild tokens, you can receive roughly as many in tier 3 as you can for Heroic Rancor. One of the biggest complaints about the gear in any raid is that what you receive is up to RNG, and this new influx of guild tokens allows you to pick what gear salvages you need.

I'm starting to think that this structure is to help us prepare for the challenge that is higher tiers. My very wimpy guild can finish a tier 2 raid in less then a day. That works out to ~3500 guild tokens each weak which can be used to buy enough salvages to get one entire piece of raid gear (with a little more farming for the other pieces). There is also a lot of "long farm" gear in the guild store which can be purchased with these tokens.

There are definitely problems with this raid, but I feel like some of them are way overblown. One of the biggest complaints I see is that the STR is not fun, but perhaps that is because your guild is working on too hard of a level. Maybe you should kick it back, collect some hard to get gear through the guild store, and build up those teams to defeat the harder tiers.


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    The rewards are too low for the effort, something needs to change. Gear and credits need to be significantly increased (double or triple?) and guild tokens need to increase slightly (10-20%) and add in Guild Event Tokens or the raid needs a complete rework with several MONTHS of real QA testing.
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    Sit raid
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