My humble ideas for Jedi reworks, updates, and Zetas

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Allllrighty, going to have some fun giving a little shine & polish to the Jedi faction. I wanted to increase versatility by cross-synergy with clones for many, update some of the more legendary lightsaber duelists, stay away from being OP, and make more total unique Jedi teams viable for TW defensive squads (if not arena-viable)

Ima Gun Di
(Maximize counter mechanic, give clone synergy)

Jedi Strategist (leader) Zeta ability -
Final Text: Jedi and Clone allies gain 50% counter chance and +50% counter damage. Whenever a Jedi or Clone ally counterattacks, they gain effects:

Attacker: Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up for two turns

Tank: Taunt and Heal Over Time for two turns

Support: Cleanse all debuffs and gain Tenacity Up for two turns

Healer: reset all cool-downs and gain 50% turn meter

Kit Fisto
(Give him a totally badass special, speed him up immensely)

Turn The Tide (Special)
Omega final text: Deal special damage to all enemies, , and grant all allies True Strike buff for two turns

True Strike Buff: basic attacks by this unit can not be evaded or countered and have +100% potency

Superior Bladwork (unique) Zeta -
Kit Fisto has +50% counter chance, +20% offense, and gains 15% turn meter whenever an ally with True Strike performs a basic attack)

Plo Koon
(Change from Tank to Support, maximize support role)

Force Jedgement Omega (Special)
Final Text: deal special damage to all enemies and inflict Offense Down and Speed Down for two turns

Take Charge (special) Zeta ability:
Final Text: All allies gain Defense Up for four turns. Jedi and Clone allies gain 50% Turn Meter, and other allies gain half that amount. Allies that already had Defense Up gain 20% health and 20% protection. (3-turn cooldown)

Mace Windu
(Make him very special - give him a cool-down of zero on all abilities, make him extremely adaptable to situations by overhauling abilities, swap in unique ability for leader)

Invincible Assault (basic) Omega
Final Text - dispel all debuffs, gain Tenacity Up for two turns, gain 10% health and 10% protection, then deal Physical Damage to target enemy

Smite (special - zero cool down) Omega
Final Text: Deal Physical Damage to target enemy, dispel all buffs, and inflict Buff Immunity for two turns

Shatterpoint (special - zero cool down) Omega
Final Text: Gain Offense Up, Critical Damage Up, and Advantage for one turn, then deal Physical Damage to target enemy

Vapaad (unique) Zeta -
Final Text: Mace Windu gains 10% Turn Meter whenever a Jedi Ally uses a basic ability
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  • Decent ideas, but there would probably need to be some tweaks made to keep it from being OP. Also, with regards to Mace, his special damage is higher, and you have all of his abilities as physical.
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