Will I be fine for R2 7* (no palp)

Hi all,
I currently only have 4 7* empire, working on magma trooper to get the 5th before the event is over.

Unfortunately thrawn is only 5* and palp 6*

I'm turning lvl 80 tomorrow, will be lvl 81 by the time I get my magma to 7* (but obviously not lvl 82)

My lineup is currently Tarkin G9, Vader G9, TFP G10, Stormtrooper G8 (working on gearing him up further) and magmatrooper G6 (hopefully I can get him G8 before the end of the event).

I was thinking of going for a tarkin lead because of the defense debuff and the much needed speed bonus.

What do you guys think?


  • Naraic
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    If it was last r2d2 event I would say no as magma is bad for this event but Vader is a lot better now than he was then so maybe.

    Definitely go tarkin lead. A lot of vader's leadership is cancelled in tier vii of the event.
  • Not to be a downer, but I don't think you'll quite make it. The seventh tier of the event is very hard, and you probably can't run magmatrooper unless you've got a legendary empire toon with him. You could do it with Royal Guard in that last slot, but I don't know how developed he is. Magma just isn't good enough, I'd save the gear for him and wait till next time around to get R2 seven stars. 6 stars is perfectly viable.
  • Foxer
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    Didn’t you need to be lvl 85 for 7* R2? I may be wrong on that but magma trooper is terrible for this event. Without a Tank nearly impossible, I leveled up to gear 10 and still barely got it.
  • Chagoth
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    I ran Veers lead with Magmatrooper, Snowtrooper, Deathtrooper, and Vader and beat it on the 9th try. And there were people saying it couldn't be beat without EP and a tank. I did it. Not one toon was geared higher than 10. Most were 9. Only Veers had a zeta.

    Magmatrooper can take a beating. He's very tanky.
  • Well, there's no reason NOT to give it a try :-) And it won't be lost, magma is good in raids and a recent video showcased him in an interesting anti-meta arena team too :-)
  • Well, I finally got magma trooper to 7* today, and defeated R2 on the 4th try :-) just thought I'd give an update on this, so whoever is in the same case as me knows it: you can beat r2 last tier without EP and Thrawn

    here's my team:

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