Reward tables for STR

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]Are the reward tables being looked at for the sith raid? Currently time taken vs reward are horrible. Just wondering if anything is being done about it.


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    No. It's not likely to change. In time raid will be easier > people will forget about anything other than T6 and heroic > raid gets put on 24/0 farm at which point everyone is just waiting for traya shards and get suprised when he actually gets some good raid drops.
  • Xerrath
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    True I know my guild is on the cusp at 125m so at t6 it takes a few days just seems demoralizing to members when you spend time for trash.
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    They really have to do something about DN... its difficult finding a good rock hard pipe hittin squad where all 5 dont get buffed up. So what happens after 2 attacks anhilation is off cool down and DN insta kills one of your toons ... and boss still has 13 turns to go before enrage..

    And yes i know about the shield button.. im just saying the mechanics of raid...theres just too much unbalanced and unfair requirement which makes this raid - NOT FUN at all... the nerf on expose and damage reactive toons made the raid harder....

  • Kyno
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    The rewards as a whole, no they have not said they are doing that.

    The challenge gear situation, kinda yes.....
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