Alternative Phase 1 Teams?

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Are there any alternative p1 teams for the hSTR?


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    2-JTR bb8- baris- resist trooper -rey
    3- Jawa team
    4-Ackbar(L) - CLS - Han - Unmasked - Maul
    5-Thrawn - death - magma team
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    Can someone explain how team 4 works and zetas needed. I have that team all high level and many zeta’d but I’m not seeing how it works.
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    nightsisters %1- %2 dmg
    jtr team %3-%5 dmg
    jawa team %1 - %2
    ackbar %2 - %3
    thrawn %2 - %3

    team 4 cls and han zeta, unmasked for empire tank, maul for high damage or u can use thrawn also

    cls and han use double damage if any char use not attacking ability. check ackbar leader special
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