Hard Node Shuffle?

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Honestly want to know if their will be any hard node character shuffles coming up? I am running out of characters and ships to farm on hard nodes. I am sure any long term player is running into this problem. I am down to 4 characters and 2 ships, 3 of those 4 characters are just about done. Would be nice to see a few older Cantina node toons move into a hard node or some more ships perhaps?


  • farm shards for shard shop currency to gear up toon faster.
  • farm shards for shard shop currency to gear up toon faster.

    I honestly feel like if/when I ever get to this point in the game my interest level/investment level etc is going to drop significantly.. like bare minimum daily significantly
  • Kyno
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    just finished my last HN farm. hit 5 a day to do dailies and maybe double up in HN day. always picking a node with needed gear and possibly a double ship/character for the shard shop.

    They have recently stated they have no intention on adding to the GW and Arena stores, which both had toons added to them a while before the last HN toon was added.

    I dont think they would ever do a shuffle on HN, the best we will see is ships getting added to nodes we have already farmed.
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