Worthless waste of time SITH REWARDS

That's the 4th sith raid completed, and the rewards for this amazing raid are the most worthless and disappointing thing I have witnessed,you actually get better in bronzium,
Surely this has to be a wind up,I am loving the raid but come on the time and effort put into it as a guild is a massive kick in the teeth,After all the hard work the DEVS have done its massively let down on this point.


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    You at least enjoy the raid, there are those who don't enjoy the raid and on top of that have to put up with the rewards. Doing content you don't enjoy that takes tons of effort would be way easier if the rewards were at least satisfying
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    You must not be doing heroic. I’ve gotten a full g12 gold piece every raid. One guy got a total of 5 full pieces for placing first. Sith raid rewards are ridiculously high compared to tank and Rancor.

    If that's the case then that's even more messed up. It creates a feeling that unless your guild can complete tier 7 you are a massive disadvantage to those who can. Just by saying this you have me worried already
  • dsteve
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    Don’t expect a full piece every heroic. Gotten more so far than in haat but also had pretty weak gear rewards, too.
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    Fair comments people it's tier 5&6 we have done at the moment, but surely even for them tiers it's repetitive challenge gear we have no need for because it's always available in the game itself.
    I just think all raids should have upper gear and not have low gear at all it's overkill for thousands of pieces.
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    They’ve acknowledged it and obviously don’t care. It’s geared toward whale guilds/players judging from the heroic rewards...do like my guild does run a tier 4 put teams on auto and go on with your day. It’s a boring disappointing not fun raid with junk rewards until we can all do heroic.
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  • Vohbo
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    It's very important that there is an enormous discrepancy between the rewards for heroic, which only full whale guilds can do, and lower tiers. If this discrepancy wasn't there, then the game wouldn't catapult itself completely out of balance in favor of earning some quick money.
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