Dev Blog - Daily Login Changes - 3/28/18

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In today’s dev blog, we are going to be sharing changes coming to the rewards for the daily login calendar. These changes will be effective starting April and moving forward the login calendar will follow a similar format. If you want to skip the reasoning and go straight to the punchline, I’ve included two pictures of what the daily login will look like on a 31 day month (below).
The corresponding in-game reward for today's post will be coming with a hotfix later today.
This update will be short and sweet and to the point. Here is the reasoning driving the changes:
  1. We wanted to remove some of the “chaff” from the daily login calendar, as it wasn’t helping anyone or really motivating people to log in. This includes the removal of ally points, low credit amounts, and very low 2-star training droid drops.
  2. We wanted to break the usual model of a login reward system only being valuable at the very end of the time period it covers. When we unveil a new character and begin to announce plans for exciting new release in the following month, we want the rewards at the start of the month to reflect that excitement – and we ALSO want to reward players who stick with us day after day, all month.
  3. This is why the single zeta, on a month sub-31 days appears on the 27th login, and not the 30th. We know people miss logging in here and there, and now you can do so three times without losing your chance at the zeta.
  4. The bonus zeta, the second one that only appears on a 31 day month will reward people who do have a chance to log in each day. Note: We intentionally put it on a 31 day month not to make you feel bad about months that have fewer than 31 days, but because we tuned the zetas we want to provide to people with that level of engagement to about that number (an additional 12-19 zetas a year).
  5. We also wanted to familiarize newer players with zeta materials, so that by the time they have unlocked the ability to apply them, that they are not staring at a big 0/20.
  6. And finally, the character dropped inside of a given month will not always be valuable to elder game players. We’ve heard frustration echoed from the community when a character has high ownership rates, and we do our best to offer something that has low ownership rates and is useful; however, sometimes we can’t find a character that follows those criteria. The daily login character follows a theme, and is also often very beneficial to new players, even if you already own them.

P.S. We discovered an issue that affected some people’s in-game rewards that are meant to be paired with this blog. It had to do with people who were logged in during the time that we pushed out a small change that would allow them to receive the reward. If they stayed logged in when the reward came, they wouldn’t have picked up the fix. We have bundled an extra 75k credits into today’s reward, which will come later today with today’s update. We have seen a few issues if you log in to two accounts on the same device, so if you tend to log in with your alt account first, check the forums for the hotfix notes which should appear shortly before the actual patch and use your main login until you've picked up the rewards.
Moving forward, this problem should not occur, however at the end of this, if you happen to get your account in a state where you can’t receive rewards, please file a ticket at and we will work with CS to ensure they get granted.


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