The Grievous rework: why I DON'T want to see a Zeta

To be clear, this isn't a post about how General Grievous shouldn't be reworked. He needs it and we know it's coming... eventually. What this is, instead, is a plea to the devs that none of his new abilities should require a Zeta. So for those interested, let me explain:

Grievous is, for most, an end-game grab. The logical player will completely ignore blowing shard shop currency on his shards until their shard shop income is so high that they don't know what to do with it anymore (IE: few chars left to farm). For those players, a Zeta is somewhat less valuable. As an end-game player myself, I can say that I've been blowing zetas these days just to experiment with new teams, as my PvP and main PvE comps are already fully skilled.

However, there MUST be a small community of Grievous fan-boys who have yet to hit end-game, and yet are still farming him as we speak. As someone who was once one of those sad fools, I believe the devs should reward that perseverance. Their obvious sacrifice - spitting in the face of efficiency for the sake of farming that useless "droid" - should be rewarded with a GK-level rework complete with GK-level costs (IE: no Zetas).

The TL;DR is that slapping Zeta requirements on a new Grievous would punish the few new players who have actually farmed the guy, while leaving end-game players completely unphased. And that's silly. So developers, don't be silly.


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