Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    Great guild!
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    We are a 51m+ GP guild looking to add 3 more members to our family!
    We are running 3x HRancor, 2.5x HAAT & 2x T4 STR a week with 24 hour 0 damage rule, with start times alternating between 10am &10pm CST.
    We have only lost 4 TW battles since their release. Our most recent TBs were 25* (LS- 12 ROLO) & 24* (DS- 8 IPD).

    We are looking for:
    -Active Discord users.
    -Minimum 750k GP.

    Our rules:
    -24 hour 0 damage rule on both Heroic raids.
    -500+ tickets a day minimum.
    -Full TW & TB participation.

    If you have any questions or would like to join, please join our Discord:
  • Snoob
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    Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST

    We are a mixed nation guild, very kind and helpful and we are recruiting again. We raid heroic rancor and heroic tank multiple times a week at rotating start times. At the moment, we are raiding t5 and t6 STR. No alliance guild. We have 105M+ GP and 37* last LS TB. 36* on last DS TB.

    We are looking for active players, level 85 and good GP (2M+, TB toons ready, RJT would be very nice but not a requirement). We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can. For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    You can also join our discord server:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
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    Olá pessoal. somos a SentinelasBR, temos 19 milhões de GP. Fazemos o aat (2 dias para terminar) 2x por semana, no mínimo 1 rancor heroico por semana e a raid sith Tier 2 e 3. nas guerras por território temos 5v e 1d e tiramos cerca de 13 estrelas na retaliação imperial e 11 no ataque rebelde, sempre crescendo. coletamos 15k bilhetes/dia e temos 10 vagas.

    nosso reset é sempre às 18:30h de Brasília e temos a regra de 24h zero dano no rancor heróico.

    Não exigimos uso de apps de comunicação ou número de bilhetes diários, mas queremos membros ativos, que entrem todo dia e participem dos eventos.

    A maioria dos nossos membros está na casa dos 30 a 40 anos, fãs de Star Wars e sem estresse. Alguns membros com mais de 1 milhão de gp e outros crescendo. Muita doação de equipamentos e troca de dicas.

    Meu código de aliança é 483-397-899. Junte-se a nós, se divirta e nos ajude a crescer.

    Hi Guys. We are SentinelasBr. We are 19kk gp and growing. We run heroic pit at least once a week, 2 aats weekly and tthe tiers 2 and 3 on the sith raid. At territory wars, we have 5v 1d. We get 11 stars and growing at Rebel Strike and 13 at imperial retaliation. We have as of now 10 openings.

    Guild activity resets at 18:30 (Brasilia Standart time) and we have a 24h zero damage at heroic pit.

    We do not require use of discord and other apps and no minimum tickets, but are looking for players that play every day and take place at the events.

    Most members are between 30 and 40 years old and are chill. Comunication is in pt-br but we speak english. We have some powerfull members with over 1 milion gp and others growing.

    My aliance code is 483-397-899. Join us and have some fun while you help us get stronger!
  • Yoduhhh
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    Dark Phoenixx Squadron is Recruiting!!

    *All Spots Filled* 4/5/18
    **One inactive player still taking up a spot. If you’re at 1.7M+ GP we will remove him for you.

    Dark Phoenixx is a 78M GP guild looking for new members to fill recently removed players. We are casual/serious guild. Mostly f2p. Have about 10 members that are all top 20 in arena. Both Heroic Pit & Haat on Farm. We run 3 Pit & 2 HAAT Raids a week. We are on US eastern time zone 7am/ 1pm/ 9pm Raid times. These 3 different times were planned with our EU & AU Guild members for best possible attendance. Every time zone has ONE time during sleeping hours while having two during optimal hours. We’ve got a great bunch of members that casually chat in game and on LINE app for both fun & strategy.

    24hr zero on both raids then FFA at start time with a 20min Minimum before final kill

    About 25 members take zero’s every Raid Bcz we’re done farming heroes. We’re all about growing together and helping our lower member reach their goals! If this sounds like a fit for you, join us ASAP, these spots will be filled soon.

    Other Info:

    My GP: 2.5M
    Guild GP: 78M
    Avg Member GP: 1M
    Avg LSTB Stars 26
    Avg DSTB Stars: 20
    TW Record: 16-2 (60M Tier w/ 2 Zeta)
    My Arena rank: 1st daily

    If you’re interested, message me here or on LINE (“Yoduhhhh” with 4 H’s). My Ally Code: 292-817-135.

    Currently looking for 2 new members 49/50 and will be replacing an inactive player or two.

    Hoping for players with 1M - 1.5M GP.

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  • Astronavigatrix
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    Ready to work on your Solo or Kenobi shards and meet new people? We're an ambitious guild moving up with space for 1-2 players. We're always up to chat about strategies or cheer each other on and be nerds. We conquer Heroic Pit Raids a couple times a week and just brought down the Heroic Tank in triumph. **Most importantly, we play fair and make sure everyone gets what they need to advance. We get along well, the exchange board is active, and we have fun.**

    **Name: Covfefe and Donuts**
    Min Player Level: 85
    Time: Raids start at 6:30/8:30 est
    GP: 40m with a variety of experienced and newer players
    Raids: Heroic Pit 2x-3x, HAAT 1x, Sith Tier III-IV

    Contact: Message me here or follow the Discord link to our recruits channel. My tag is Astronavigatrix#2735

    Territory Wars: With coordination and solid cooperation, we've pulled off multiple victories and finally hit the zeta mat reward level. We have close to full participation; really, who doesn't love watching the defense counters roll up on a team you've worked hard for?
    Territory Battles: 17-21 stars. One of our officers dedicates themselves to strategizing our deployments and we get better every time.

    Participation and policies: 24hr / Zero damage raids, participate in Twar and Tbattles, read chat and check in occasionally (you don't have to be social, we just want to know you're on board with our strategy decisions), exchange gear about as often as you request it, and be active. We average 23k tix per day and while we don't have a daily tix requirement, we drop those who are absent for 3-4 days. Everyone has lives outside the game, though, so if you need time off, let us know and we'll save your spot.
    **Guild Name: Covfefe and Donuts**
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  • MortalMandolin
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    Wächterorden — Deutsche Gilde 114mio GM — sucht Spieler

    Wir sind wie der **** andeutet eine Gilde mit 114mio GM und auf der Suche nach aktiven Spielern. Bei uns laufen 3 RR und 2 AATs auf heroischer Schwierigkeit die Woche. Der STR läuft momentan auf 5 Sterne. Im TW erreichen wir 36-38 Sterne.

    Was ist uns wichtig?
    Wir legen Wert auf Kommunikation. Gerade um die Schwierigkeiten des neuen STR zu meistern und uns auf die nächste Stufe vorzubereiten, müssen wir Erfolge und Misserfolge kommunizieren. Davon abgesehen trägt die Kommunikation zu einem positiven Klima in gilde bei. Zusätzlich sind natürlich eine gute Beteiligung bei den Gildenaktivitäten wünschenswert. 600 gildenmünzen täglich sind angestrebt aber der Schwerpunkt der Beteiligung bezieht sich auf die TB und TWs im Spiel.
    Abwesenheit sollte angekündigt werden und beinhaltet keinen Kick- wir sind alle Menschen.
    Um im Spiel zu kommunizieren, benutzen wir die Line-App. Line ist **** Vorraussetzungen um am Gildengeschehen teilzunehmen und ein Teil der Gemeinschaft zu sein.
    Davon abgesehen sind für neue Bewerber ein Arenarang <250 und eine Spieler GM von 1,5mio+ wünschenswert.

    Treffen die Vorraussetzungen auf dich zu und haben wir dein Interesse erweckt, melde dich über Line bei der Benutzer iD „xratonka“ oder hinterlasse mir eine PM — wobei ersteres schneller geht.

    Möge die Macht mit dir sein!
  • Aliux12
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    Sithari Revenge

    About Us
    We are currently a 108M GP guild based on EST time zone. We are a group of dedicated Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players, who are always seeking to help one another to be the best they can be.


    At the moment we are looking for 5-10 members to replace low participation. We are also potentially looking for to either A) Soak up a smaller guild, or B) take a group of players in. Ideally, players in the 2M+ GP range (negotiable), with JTR, CLS, and work/willing to work towards Imperial Troopers, Chex Mix, and Night Sisters squads.


    Our Vision
    We are currently focusing on jumping from T5 to T6 in the Triumvirate Sith Raid and push for heroic in the near future.


    We Offer You
    - Amazing strong officer core and member core
    - Guides and road maps for every mode in the game
    - Currently 38 stars in LS TB
    - Currently 37 stars in DS TB
    - 24 hr registration period on older raids
    - Heroic Rancor 3 times per week
    - Heroic AAT 2 times per week
    - Currently clearing T5 of TST and working towards T6


    We Require
    - Be a Discord user (required for communication)
    - Consistency on your 600 daily tickets
    - Participation on HAAT and Rancor (registering a 0 as a minimum)
    - Participation on the Triumvirate Sith Raid, this is a must
    - Participation on TB/TW
    - Willing to adhere to the current guild’s road map
    - Be respectful towards other guild mates


    If you are interested, please message aliux12#6646 or shavik#5678 on Discord.

    Thank You
  • BlackBatStrings
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    **Muppets of Endor** is looking for 8-10 new members. Currently 42/50 with 25 million GP. Also willing to consider a merger with a smaller guild.

    Han and GK shards both on farm.

    We are a newer guild created on December 4th 2017. **EST reset**. Looking for new players or experienced players.

    * Our goal is to build a guild from the ground up with an emphasis on building rosters for Raids and TB/TW.
    * We are currently recruiting players lvl 75+ that are willing to get 600 raid tickets/day and evolve as a group.
    * My IGN is HanShotFirst and my ally code is 239-328-578
    * Discord and accounts are mandatory
    * At least one 7 star character is mandatory
    * Haat ready team is a bonus

    Come and join us. We are currently launching HRancor Raid 3 times per week with 24hr 0 Damage Rule in affect. HAAT Raids are launching 2 times per week. Sith Raid is rotating between T2-T4 based on tickets built up. Guild Activity Rewards average 25K+ daily. The guild is 8-1 in TW at the 25 - 30 Million GP level, and we earned 16 and 17 stars in DS and LS TB respectively. Come along for the ride. We have some great members from all over the world.
    *If interested please join our discord server at

  • Mol_Ean
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    If you haven't found a guild yet I would like you to consider "dragon players". We are a new guild with 39 players with 14M GP.
    Level 4 & 7 rancor raids as soon as we get the tickets.
    Normal AAT working toward HAAT
    Level 2 of sith raid.

    We get 10-11 stars in TB and we have not been able to start a TW.

    We do have a discord account but it is not required.

    Our rules are:
    no activity for
    Level 1-49 3 days
    Level 50-64 5 days
    Level 65 and over 7days with event and raid participation.

    These no activity limits are assuming you have not communicated with the guild leader or officers.

    Reading the chat is required.

    For level 85 we have a 0 dmg rule for level 4 rancor raid. And a no finish in first 24 hours rule on HRancor.

    Please respond if interested.
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    Jabbas Cantina, a Game of Clones clan guild, is looking for up to 5 new recruits. Currently sitting at 104mil gp with 2 spots open. Looking to fill spots immediately with up to 3 more spots possibly opening in the near future.

    Rotating raid schedule
    Officer led TW and TB domination
    Discord channel:
    Clan channel:

    GP min of 1.7mil, fully active players with discord and
  • SpaceAdmiralSpiff
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    Guild name: Skywinner (58million GP with 40 members)

    We are a very friendly, active guild looking for 10 new long-term players at 1million GP or above to join us.

    We run Heroic Pit Raid a couple of times a week with a 24-hour zero damage rule. We have recently become HAAT capable and run it when we can ensure full guild participation, usually at least once a week.

    We fare well in territory battles, usually winning and earning zetas for the guild.
    Currently we earn 20-22 stars in territory wars DS, and 24/25 stars LS.

    We are mostly an English/American guild with players from both sides of the Atlantic, we still contain many of our original members and have been working together for almost two years this summer which stands testament to our friendly nature and success.

    We use Line Messenger to communicate and swap strategies and tips.

    If you fancy joining a fun, friendly guild then drop me a message on here with your SWGOH name, ally code and current GP.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch with a PM on here.
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    Nach einer größeren Aufräumaktion haben wir momentan 11 Plätze zu vergeben - gern auch an eine Gruppe von aktiven Spielern.

    Gildenname: Rebellen

    Was wir erwarten:

    Lvl 85
    1,5 Mio GM mit erkennbarer Teamstruktur (nur 5 Mitglieder liegen derzeit drunter)
    Line App für taktischen Chat Profil öffentlich und synchronisiert
    Ein kurzes 'Hallo' zur Begrüßung im ingame Chat
    aktives Spielen (keine Ticketvorgabe!)
    Abmeldung bei mehrtägiger Abwesenheit

    Was wir bieten:

    Gilde besteht seit Einführung der Gilden
    HRancor + HAAT 19:30 CET (Refresh Gildenaufgaben) (24h 0 Schaden) 3 bzw. 2 x die Woche
    Sith Tier 4 (mit neuen Mitgliedern sicher höher) Dauer < 3 Tage
    ≈ 20.000 Tickets pro Tag
    TW 60 Mio GM+ ==> min 1 Zeta, da mindestens 50 % aber gewonnen ==> 2 Zetas
    Rat und Hilfestellungen bzgl. Teamzusammenstellungen, Modding usw.
    Gute Spendenbereitschaft
    aktive Gildenführung
    25/26 * Hoth Territorialschlacht mit 10+ Rebellen Offizier Leia Organa Splitter / dunkle Seite etwas weniger
    aktiver Line Chat: Allgemeines + Taktik separat
    Verständnis dafür, dass das reale Leben jederzeit Vorrang hat :-)

    Interessiert? Dann schreibt mir hier übers Forum oder per Line mit Link zu deinem Profil oder falls noch nicht vorhanden mit kurzer Aufzählung deiner Hauptteams mit Ausrüstungsstufe und ggf Ally Code

    Line ID: pandora878
    Ally Code: 173-424-468
  • TK_421
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    Our main focus is on Sith Raid so if this raid does not interest you then we are not the guild you’re looking for.

    One of our members just retired from playing so we are looking for 1 more very dedicated players between 1.7-2.5M GP to bring us back to a full 50/50. We are looking for active daily players who will contribute a minimum of 500 guild tickets/day and participate every day in Territory Battles (required) & Territory Wars (preferred but but not mandatory). LINE is required since that is how we communicate, discuss strategy, and use it to coordinate raids, Territory Battles and Territory Wars. In 2-4 weeks we should be making the switch over to Discord so if you have Discord instead of LINE that’ll be ok.

    Heroic rancor has a 24 hour zero damage phase followed by a FFA. We alternate raid times between 12:30 AM, 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM (Pacific U.S. time). We have members all over the world and this allows everyone to have a raid time that is convenient for them. Rancor is gone in 10 minutes (we wait 10 minutes to post damage to be sure that everyone was able to enter the raid).

    We also do 24 hour zero damage HAAT and alternate times between 2:00 am and 2:00 pm Pacific. If you don’t have HAAT squads we really don’t care since it’s easy and we’re more concerned with progressing in the new Sith Raid. HAAT takes us less than 2 hours so be sure to register zero damage to guarantee prizes. If you already have a 7* General Kenobi then you must place out of the top 3.

    We are doing tier 5 Sith Raids and immediately start a new raid once we have enough tickets. We occasionally drop down to tier 4 if we have spare raid tickets to burn through. We ask that members attack the raid with their 5 battles daily (please don’t auto, it doesn’t work well in Sith Raid) to move through them quickly as possible. Our guild is dedicated to farming the Sith Raid specific characters/teams and we should progress to 6 and then heroic in a reasonable time. Sith Raid is currently the guild’s #1 priority so if the new raid doesn’t interest you then this will not be a good match for you.

    Our guild is at 82.4M GP. We earned 33* in ls Territory Battles and 33* in ds Territory Battles. We have a clear plan every day so that everyone is on the same page, doesn’t have to spend time thinking about what they should do, and so that we can maximize our rewards. We will continue to work on and fine tune our Territory Battle plan as we continue to improve and grow as a guild.

    We are now 12-5 in Territory Wars and have won 8 of our past 10. We came up with an easy to follow plan that has been very effective.

    If interested you can PM me with any questions you may have about our guild or better yet message me on LINE at tk-421starwars. You can also contact me on Discord at TK-421#3856 but I’m not on Discord frequently (only to coordinate payouts with my fleet and arena shards).

  • Tony_Yo
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    The Brown Coat Rebels are looking for 4 more players to top our ranks off.

    88mil GP
    Heroic Pit and HAAT 2-3 Times a week. T4 of Sith raid till we can beat it more efficiently.
    All levels welcome as long as you remain active.
    We require participation in TB and don’t sign up for TW if you can’t participate. If you need a leave of absence just let us know.
    Send me an ally request. 766-146-298
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    Padavan Assassins has just cleaned up house and we are looking for players (individuals or small groups) to join us in moving forward. We have two threads on line app. One for general chat, and another for announcements. As long as you take note of announcements, and actively participate, we are happy.

    Line app announcements mandatory

    Requirements : Active daily and minimum 1.1million GP. 400 raid ticket contribution per day.

    Guild GP: 82 million

    Timezone : mainly GMT

    Rancor - Heroic 24 hour 0 damage. Launched at 8pm GMT

    HAAT - Regularly launching HAAT. Completing it within 24 hours. Launched at 8pm GMT

    TB - Average 27 and we are consistently gaining ROLO shards.

    TW - to date we are WD. everyone is required to actively participate.

    If you like what you've read and would like to join us feel free to hit me up on Lineapp .

    Lineapp id: Obiwicks, Courval, Andy_smeg2004, 111simolan111 or Nemalii
  • Snoob
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    Guild Name: The Jedii Always Win
    Time Zone : PST

    We are a mixed nation guild, very kind and helpful and we are recruiting again. We raid heroic rancor and heroic tank multiple times a week at rotating start times. At the moment, we are raiding t5 and t6 STR. No alliance guild. We have 105M+ GP and 37* last LS TB. 36* on last DS TB.

    We are looking for active players, level 85 and good GP (2M+, TB toons ready, RJT would be very nice but not a requirement). We do not have a 600 raid tickets per day rule, but we expect you to contribute as much as you can. For communication, raid rules and helping each other we use Discord which is mandatory.

    If you are interested or have any questions feel free to message me on Discord or leave a message here. My ID on Discord is Snoob#0802.

    You can also join our discord server:

    We hope to hear from you soon!
  • HighlanderSWGOH
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    Currently getting 30 stars in TB
    16 wins in TW
    Heroic Rancor / HAAT both on farm
    Sith Raid on T4-5
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    Member of The Half Moon Guild part of the Moon Alliance. We are always looking for new players to join us in the New M00n as well.
  • alanchiawc
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    SINGAPOREAN Guild since Apr 2016, UTC +8hr, 76M GP
    Guild "Singaporean" is growing strong since Apr 2016 and now reaching 76M GP.
    HPIT and HAAT every 2/3 days, SITH T4 continuous.
    TW wins are about 3/4 and guaranteed at least 1 zeta.
    TB currently 30 stars.
    Many of our members have been with us for years but we are still looking for active players due to natural attrition of members losing interest in the game.
    We do not have any minimum daily requirements, your daily active log in and contributions will be good. Discord is required for guild communication.
    To join us please look for "Singaporean" in the guild search or leave me a PM or reply in this forum.
    Join our guild Discord server
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  • Dankly
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    Guild Name: Secular Union
    We're Eastern Standard Time, and raid at 7PM.
    102+ Mil GP,
    37*LS TB.
    24hour HAAT and Rancor 0 damage - T5 Sith Raid Free Attack for now.
    Also we’re a guild of mature adults with jobs and what not, more on the semi casual than super strict. But we’re well organized with discord and coordination.
    Let me know if this works for you. We have 2 spots open. It's free join for players Level 85 and GP 1.5M
  • RogerRoger_1swgoh
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  • JasonWolf
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    Guild Name: JediTempleGuards
    We are est time.
    We are currently at around 47 million power.
    Raids: We have beaten HPit,HAAT and are working on Sith raid.
    Territory battles: We get around 13-14 stars.
    Territory Wars: We are able to play and we win more then lose.
    We are a looking for more people to help out with TW and raids. We are a friendly guild who will help out anyone who needs it.
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    Im AllevJimur from Protectors of the Republic. Right now, we're recruiting as hard as we can, as right now we have just started. Our main goal for now is to shoot for completing HPIT raids, but we need active players to do so. We currently dont have a discord just yet, but we'll have one soon so just shoot me a private message here!
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    705 CSIS shadow trappers crew
    Recruiting anyone with a pulse and internet connection
    Must achieve 1000 tickets a day
    Log on once a month(2 months tops)
    Have three or four chat apps,in case the others break and we must get together and have a chat all seriousness , 2015 guild, need a handful of players
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    Hello we are Corellian Raiders a friendly and active guild that is in search of active players to fill our ranks. Please read the massage if this guild fits to you.

    Min Player Level: 80
    Min Player power 450k
    Min Player daily tickets 500

    Guild time zone GMT+1
    Active guild members 45/50
    Guild GP: 36m with a good mix of experienced and new players
    Guild communication LINE (must)

    Raids: rancor and tank take down raids start with a 24h zero score.
    Sith raid does not have this rule.

    Heroic on farm 2 times a week.

    Tank take down
    T7 on farm 1 to 2 times a week

    Sith raid
    T3 is always active.

    Territory Wars:
    13 Stars and growing

    Territory Battle
    almost Zeta on daily basis

    Contact: please send me a PM if you are interested in joining and i wil invite you to our line recruitment channel.

    Line contact aventhia_88
  • Muddcat
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    EWOKS WILL RISE is looking for active players (daily) to join our guild. While participation is a must, we are a very laid back group, which has enabled us to maintain a strong core group. One of the challenges we have faced as an open guild is a consistent revolving door of non-participants to fill those remaining spots. This is where YOU come in!


    *Midnight EST re-set time.
    *6pm EST payout/rewards
    *Our members are scattered throughout all time zones, so there is normally quick response time to questions.
    *Our officers and leader are committed to helping everyone get stronger. The stronger YOU get, the better for all involved.
    *We have an OPTIONAL Discord channel. While we don't require anyone to be on Discord, it is encouraged.
    *Territory Wars - we are batting about .500, but hope to improve on that number with added participants
    *Territory Battles - currently averaging 13-14 stars, but again, just in need of more participation
    *Currently hovering at about 33 million GP
    *RAIDS - averaging about 3 Heroic Rancor and multiple Tank and Sith raids weekly. We have a zero damage for the first 24 hours on Rancor for our level 85 players, BUT levels 80-84 can attack immediately.
    *Very accessible officers and guild leader who are always willing to help.


    *Check the in-game guild chat DAILY. As some do not opt to use Discord, it's essential you read this on a daily basis for updates, strategies, issues, etc. It isn't necessary to be social. All we ask is that you check it daily.
    *Participate in Guild Activities. 600 tickets would be ideal, but we certainly don't boot someone who does not accomplish this. Just expect a stern talking to from our guild leader if it's a consistent miss.
    *Participate in ALL Territory Wars and Territory Battles. Of course real life happens, so this isn't always possible, but just communicate your absence and all is good.
    *Have fun and don't harass other guild members.

    We are an invite Guild, so feel free to ally request me if interested.

    MUDDCAT ALLY CODE : 259-441-217
    SWGOH.GG :

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    NOT the Guild Ur Looking 4 is looking for YOU! We're a fun, friendly guild that is looking for active daily players. We value teamwork and cooperation and want to grow together as a guild.

    What we are looking for:
    • Level 85 Daily players 1M GP+ who is willing to participate in Raids, TW, and TB.

    What you should know:
    • We currently have about 25 Active players and 27M GP. We have plenty of open slots!
    • We remove inactive players, but we know that life happens and don't remove players that give us a heads up that they'll be gone for a while.
    • We only do Heroic Rancor with a 16 hour minimum damage rule.
    • We are currently doing normal AAT, but are on the verge of Heroic.
    • We launch raids at varying times to accommodate teammates in other time zones.
    • Our launch times are posted in CST.
    • We use Discord for comms.

    What we ask of you:
    • Be an active daily player.
    • Join us on Discord.
    • Follow Raid rules (they are there to help all guild members).
    • Try to get your 600 Raid Tickets Daily (we don't currently enforce minimum raid ticket rules though).
    • Be a positive influence on the entire guild.
    • Have fun and join in the rewards!

    Interested? Join us on Discord for an invite.
  • Banj0
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    Guild: Chitown Heroes and Legends
    Guild GP: 80 million
    Light Side TB: 27-29
    Dark Side TB: 26-28
    Heroic Pit: Yes
    Heroic Tank: Yes
    Language: English
    -0 damage first 24 hours on both raids
    -Prefer to have 1.5 Million GP
    The guild I am in is currently full but there are a couple players that continually miss the TB and TW so I am looking for replacements. We don't have many rules just the 0 damage for the raids and an active player. We do not require all 600 tickets daily as we do realize real life comes first. We don't have a mandatory outside of chat platform either but you can reach me on discord at { Hon Janora#9278 } or message me back on here. Hope you join us.
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