Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2018 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


  • Ilinso1
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    Revans Remnant
    93 mil GP

    We’re looking for good, solid, active players 1.5 mil GP or above. We are extremely active and participate in all Guild events.

    We run hPit and hAAT 2-3 time per week and T5 Sith once a week at the moment.
    We are USA CST based with Guild reset at 6:30 pm CST (11:30pm UTC) but also have multiple international players in our Guild.

    We have spots available for a single player or if you have a small group of friends (2-3), we may be able to fit you in.
    Guild requirements:
    1. Active contributor to all Guild events.
    2. Discord Mandatory
    3. Active daily to help generate raid tickets.

    If you’re interested please feel free to contact myself our our recruiter.
    Ilinso#2272 (that’s a capital “i” and lowercase “L”)
    Ally code:
    Ilinso: 624-542-756
    rockwrench69: 523-832-131

    Thank you for your consideration!
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  • MutineerRA
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    Mutiners without fears

    1 space

    91mil gp

    Hpit Haat

    t5 sith

    7.30pm uk raid time on heroics

    600 ticket not essential but be as active as possible.

    Line optional, no discord

    My ally code 949 699 318
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    A brand new guild created by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans; to bring joy back into SWGOH. This means no more corporate alliances, no more dictators dictating your every move, no more being afraid of getting the pink slip for not meeting quotas being demanded. 1In this guild officers and leader do NOT hide behind closed doors. everyone is equal, everyones opinion matters; no decision is made without you being a part of the process.

    If you're wondering if this guild can run hard raids, **** skippy we can.
    Out of 7 members our GP is well over 5million. Hard HAAT and Hard Rancor are a walk in the park, a piece of cake, easy-peasy.

    Requirements to join: there are non. Thats right, no jtr or cls requirement, no redonkulous amount of GP needed, no certain level.

    Rules: plain and simple, no bullying, have fun, and family/friends are all number 1.
    So, join today and help this guild grow and take the rankings by storm. Lets teach these corporate alliances that we do not need them.
    Contact Master Ga0 today.
    Discord server: Master Ga0 #1949
    Ally code: 572-274-748

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    House of Zolf is an active and committed guild.
    147m GP when 50/50, we currently have openings and are looking for dedicated players.
    We've been completing T6 STR in about 60 hr avg when were full and attempt HSR every other weekend to gauge progression and are making it to end of P3.
    TB LS @ 40, DS @ 42 and TB is currently @ 7-1.

    Requirements 2.5m GP min, must have JTR & NS squads HSTR ready and join discord for communication. (English a must.) account mandatory.

    Guild Rules:
    Be respectful to all who play the game whether in discord or guild chat.

    600 raid tickets or (close as possible) must be generated per day by every member. (We know there are going to be times when players won't be able to be logged in.)

    Participate in TW, TB and raids. HPIT & HAAT on 24 hour zero lock rule starts @ 8:00 pm EDT.
    STR starts at 7:30 pm EDT. Must post a min of 6 mil dmg in T6 TSR and participate fully in HSTR.

    Real life situations will always be more important than a game, if your going to be afk just let an officer know in guild chat or post in afk on discord.

    Were looking for people dedicated to helping us break through HSTR and progressing in the long term. No guild hoppers please!

    If your interested in a long haul guild contact me on our discord recruitment server
  • Ucmo
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    Join our discord server to apply! Just say "Struggle Recruit" -

    • HSTR on farm
    • ~149m gp when full
    • Raids (and reset) at 8:30 pm EST. HSTR opens at 4:30 pm EST
    • 43/42 Stars - Territory Battle
    • In the interest of full transparency, here is our roster: Struggle Roster <--- (Click Link)


    Struggle is recruiting active, friendly players with HSTR-ready teams on their rosters and a minimum 2.7M Galactic Power.

    Raid Schedule

    We have a consistent schedule, outlined in our discord server. Raids are open for damage at 8:30pm EST with the exception of HSTR which opens at 4:30pm EST.

    Raid Rules:
    • Heroic ST - FFA after 20 hour zero damage period
    • Heroic AAT - FFA after 24 hour zero damage period
    • Heroic Pit - FFA after a 24 hour zero damage period


    Sith raid, TB, TW, and character prioritization strategies, as well as overall game theory is discussed on our discord daily. Most days chat is quite active, but you are not required to participate if you don't want to. Our discord is family friendly and safe for work. While you’re not required to participate in chat, you will be held accountable for knowing any changes in rules or raid schedules, as such, it is recommended that you keep @mentions enabled.


    We track Territory Battle, Territory War and Raid participation, as well as raid ticket production. Full participation is expected from our members, and those who fall off their from their expected contribution may be removed for a more active member.

    Final Word

    We are a Guild looking to grow our ranks with more active and friendly players. We want to participate in all of the content available in the game, and we want to be raiding as frequently as possible with the help some new and motivated guild members. We expect to improve our HSTR/TW/TB performance via proper execution, and collaborative participation from our members.

    1. Play daily - 500+ raid tickets per day. 600 tickets is normal for most of our members. (We do track this) -- we avg 28.5k to 30k daily tickets.
    2. Syncing your squad with is required.
    3. Joining our discord server is required.
    4. Participate in raids (Zero damage counts as participation)
    5. That's it! It isn't much, but it helps ensure a continued active environment where daily players can enjoy the rewards from being in an active environment.

    How to apply:

    Join our Struggle Recruiting discord server - and chat with our officers to see if we have room, and if we are a good fit for you. Just say "Struggle Recruit" and post your profile.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions about things we may not have covered in this post.

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    The GhostsOfSparta are looking for 4 strong players to join our ranks!
    110 mil GP guild and RISING. Hpit and Haat as per usual. 36* in TB. Haven't lost a TW in AGES. All round good people building towards that HSith.
    Would like 2 mil minimum and JTR is preferable!
    If you have any questions, message on here or on discord: Don Pedro X#5134
    I will respond fairly quickly.
    See you at the Hot Gates!
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    Hi there,
    • Are you around level 80-85 with the decent GP of a casual but motivated daily player?
    • Are you feeling like your current guild doesn't have what it takes to help you grow your roster and move towards more challenging/rewarding content? (including HPIT, TB, TW, HAAT with difficulty for now but still doing it) (and not including HSTR yet, come on! Let's be real for a minute... Go check those other guilds instead)
    • Do you feel like helping a guild of casual minded fellow players who are currently doing just that?
    • And do you want to avoid one of those strict guild imposing the use of an external app for communication or the infamous "600 daily"? (let's be honest, most of us do it anyway but just because we know it's in our best interest not for the fear of being kicked out;)

    >> Then we probably have a (sweet) spot for you !

    The Force Is In Your Face is a cool and quiet bunch of 30-35 people, North-America and Europe based, GP around 30M for now, trying to get those 50 daily active players any guild needs to actually go somewhere.
    Some of us are experienced and knowledgeable if you need help in your understanding of the game and progression. And others are not... So whichever you are, don't worry you won't feel alone...
    You can join us for free starting now... or message me in-game (934-798-799) for more info before you make up your mind.

    • Do you have friends just like you ? (up to 15-20)
    >> Bring them with you of course ! (No finders fee sorry... Except maybe carrying over the officers rank if you want)

    See you in a bit ;)
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    **Holocron Knights**
    102.3M GP

    **We are looking for 3 active guild members**

    * EST guild with daily reset at 7:30 p.m.
    * 2M GP is preferred, but will consider lower if you’re the right fit. Guild avg. is 2.1M.
    * We expect 400-600 raid tickets daily.
    * Participation in TW is strongly encouraged, TB is a must (time off is permitted when needed).
    * 32/34 TB w/ROLO & IPD
    * HAAT/HPIT on farm
    * T5 STR (likely on to T6 when the update goes live)

    **Profile on and joining Discord are required for guild coordination and strategy.**

    Come join us!

    **Contact me on Discord: Garglemel#7229**

    The Holocron Knights are looking for 4-5 new members.
    EST guild with daily reset at 7:30 p.m.
    90.7M GP At least 1.5M GP is preferred, but will consider lower. Guild avg. is 2.1M
    We expect 400-600 daily Participation in TW is strongly encouraged, TB is a must (time off is permitted when needed)
    32/34 TB w/ROLO & IPD
    HAAT/HPIT on farm
    T5 STR
    Sync with and Discord are required for guild coordination and strategy
    Come join us!
    @ Garglemel#7229
  • OpiEnu
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    Hey ihr,

    Euer Level spielt für uns keine Rolle.
    Starre Regeln gibt es bei uns nicht.
    Einer Gildengemeinschaft oder ähnlichem gehören wir nicht an.

    Wir sind unabhängig und haben Spaß am Spiel. Wir haben neben dem Gildenchat zwar auch einen Discord, aber ob du es nutzen möchtest, ist dir überlassen.

    Wir spielen zur Zeit den HC, den AAT normal und Sith 4.

    Die Gildenmacht unserer Fighter reicht von sehr stark bis noch nicht ganz so stark :-).
    Für uns zählt die Meinung eines jeden.

    Aktuell haben wir 36 aktive Mitglieder und eine GP von 33M.

    Hast du Lust? Dann schreibe mich doch Mal an und ich erzähle dir gerne noch mehr über uns.

    Mein Bündniscode: 223-867-353

    Dir ist Discord lieber? Du findest mich unter OpiEnu#3794
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    SG knights of Yishun is looking for 1 more active member.

    We are active, friendly and PvE-oriented guild with 116M+ GP.
    Soon we'll be doing our second attempt on Heroic Sith Raid, so if you have any HSTR-viable teams (JTR, Chexmix, NS, etc.), you're welcome! :)
    We have members from all over the world and we have some place for you too ;)
    • 116M GP, 49/50 members;
    • 10:30 am GMT guild reset time;
    • 36 stars in LS TB, 40 stars in DS TB, 24 wins in TW;
    • Heroic Rancor raid 3 times a week, Heroic AAT raid 2 times per week, STR Tier 5/6;
    • Two alternate raid launch times: 6:00 am and 2:00 pm GMT (fits both Asian and European players);
    • We use in-game 24h timer to ensure that everyone joins the raid.

    What we need from you:
    • To have at least two teams for HSTR (JTR, Chexmix, NS, etc.);
    • Be active in all the guild events and have a desire for further growth;
    • Having Discord app to be in touch with the guild is mandatory;
    • Recommended minimum of GP: 1.7M.
    • 600 raid tickets daily is highly recommended.

    Join us, you will be welcome here (guaranteed) ;)

    Discord tags: ReylanT#2351, Splatter#1856, KOY GrandAdmiralThor#9834

    ReylanT's ally code: 941-314-262
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    Stuck in the bottom of a guild that is all for themselves?
    Guild falling apart due to lack of goals?
    Want to find a place where the officers are looking out for you?
    Playing and hitting your 600 every day but the majority of your guild is fair weather players?
    Want to be in a more organized guild with open strategy discussions?
    Stuck in a guild not focused on Heroic Sith?
    Tired of a lack of organization in TW or TB?

    Then we need YOU in the BBQ!

    Our guild values the needs of the many over the desires of the few. We have a solid group with an guild GP of 128 million. We are looking for serious players who have 2.5 million GP minimum and are focused on building to help the guild (and themselves).

    Right now we only have one or two spots open so it is a first come first serve basis. It will go to the best candidate that contacts PaiHuShih via LINE.

    HEROIC SITH team that is already viable for 2% minimum in any given phase. Multiple teams ready will take priority over other candidates as our guild has HEROIC SITH on farm.
    Willing to build toward guild goals. We achieved HSith at 124 million GP based on focus and commitment of all members to the goal. We shift our focus based on end game content and we expect people to be part of the team.

    Our group works together without being in a conglomerate of guilds and has been that way since the beginning of guild content. We have never been a part of a larger group and have always pushed a focused but “family” oriented atmosphere where we build friendships and concern ourselves with group goals over personal performance.

    Here are the basics:

    TIMEZONE: PST ( however we runs multiple time zone raid coverage and we have members out into GMT timezones)

    RAID RULES: Basic 24 hr zero HP on both HPIT and HAAT for consistency using the JOIN addition to raid running. Courtesy hold periods for Solo events on HPIT but HAAT is all out as almost every member (save for some new additions) have 7 star GK and most sit the HAAT out. HSITH raid follows the same procedure as HAAT and runs a similar rotation of times.

    COMMUNICATION: We are a LINE app guild and we also require a profile on SWGOH.GG. We don't require chat (it's encouraged) but we do require you HAVE the app and are in the announcement group to receive updates or changes regarding guild plans effectively.

    COMMUNICATION is expected by all members. If there is an issue and an officer contacts you response is an expected courtesy. This is a game after all and we don’t want to spend time wondering if you are on board with plans, changes, updated strategy, etc.

    ATTITUDE: The reason you are leaving your previous guild matters. If you are in a floundering guild then it makes sense to make the move. If you are hopping from an active and full guild because you spend a ton of money on the game and cannot be patient to work with your guild mates then we are not a good fit. No offense to any hoppers out there - it's just not the type of player we want. We are here to forge lasting relationships and interactions. I (on a personal note) have become friends with the majority of my guild mates. If that environment sounds fun then you are who we want to have a part of our group.


    Ally code: 951-953-995
  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers want you to join us.

    We are active guild looking for active players.

    I am the leader of this guild and I am in EST but we have people from Finland to West Coast.
    We are doing tier 7 for HAAT & Rancor Raids.
    We are doing tier 4 for Sith
    We get about mid to upper 20s in TBs
    We won 90% of TWs
    Requirements are to stay active, I track players with Daily Guild Activities and TWs
    Player's level should be in the 80s.
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    Minions of chaos...
    We are currently working on building a hsith prep guild. We already have 27 members with around 60m gp. We have both heroics on farm. T4 . T5 sith raids. T5. T6 when we get full. Raid times alternate . 9 am est and 9 pm est. But subject to change depending on time zones. We prefer people to do atleast 500 to 600 ticks. But 400 is min. Fun relaxed atmosphere. Not sure on tb stats. As we are currently growing. We do have dedicated officers and do have guides and plans in place. We are not looking to join another guild. or alliance. As we share a discord with one other guild. That is the hsith guild. So lots of helpful information. We are looking to take on any size group of up to 20 people. Tryn to get ready for hsith. Any questions . Feel free to ask.
  • Kj87
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    Casual Guild looking for a few hstr ready members no 600’s required just participation.
    Active US based guild part of the alliance family.
    Raid 3-6 pst
    Discord KJ87
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    Raiderz of the Force looking for active members to join. We are around 30 daily active players looking to keep growing. Solo pit raid sign ups are Saturday with a 24 hour log in. Come join us!
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    Nova Prime looking for 2 new members

    140+ mil gp

    All 3 raids on farm
    Rancor: 10am/7pm
    Haat: 1pm/8pm
    Hsith: 11am/7pm
    All raids rotate times and are EDT

    Ls/Ds tb: 42/43 stars (both close to extra star)

    600 and discord a must.

    If interested dm me on discord: DarthReina#3357 or Szelenas#8315
  • Quim
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    die "German Raid Elite" sucht noch neue Member.

    Main Gilde

    154M Galactic Power

    HPit : 20 Uhr
    HSTR : 20 Uhr
    HAAT : 21 Uhr
    (Alles 24h Anmeldephase)

    Perfekt organisierter TB, wo nur die schwächsten Chars in die Platoons gesetzt werden und das maximale an Sternen durch ein Late-Deployment-Team herausgeholt wird:
    LS TB : 42 stars
    DS TB : 46 stars

    Gut organisierter TW mit Angriffs- und Verteidigungsplan. Seit wir einen neuen TW-Offi haben steht unser Win-Loose-Verhältnis bei 12:2 .

    Was wird vom Neuzugang erwartet:
    - ca. 2,7M+ GP
    - gute Vielfalt an ausgebauten TW- sowie TB-Teams (+ aktive Beteiligung)
    - täglich 600 Tickets
    - sowie Discord-Zugang
    - JTR-Team

    swgoh profile :
    discord invite :


    Wir bauen gerade eine Subgilde auf, da wir einige Anfragen von "neueren" Spielern erhalten haben:

    HPit : 20 Uhr
    HSTR : 20 Uhr
    HAAT : 21 Uhr
    (Alles 24h Anmeldephase)

    Was wird vom Neuzugang erwartet:
    - ca. 1M+ GP
    - Beteiligung an Raids
    - täglich 500+ Tickets
    - sowie Discord-Zugang

    discord invite :

    Bei Interesse könnt ihr gerne auf unseren Discord-Server joinen. Ich freu mich über jeden, der sich meldet :heart: .

    Liebe Grüße
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    FinalOrder 98 GP, help us hit 100!


    Hi there,
    We are looking to fill a couple of empty slots. Looking for guildmates with 1.5M+ GP. 30+ stars in both TB's. We run HAAT, HPIT, and between T4 and T5 Sith Raids. Our goal for Sith Raid is eventually push to heroic, that won't be happening in the near future, but we want a guild members that want to push toward that goal and complete it as a team. We only have one group (no sister guilds) and discord is highly recommended but not required.
    Any questions feel free to ask!
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    the fist of the empire

    Hi friends! the fist of the empire is currently recruiting! We are an active/casual guild that is just focused on having fun and improving together. A little about us:

    Guild GP: ~50 million
    Heroic Pit Cleared
    Heroic AAT Cleared
    We run t4 STR and t5 STR and are constantly working on improving squads for this raid.
    Won 4 out of 5 of our last Territory Wars
    We currently clear 19/20 stars in Territory Battles and have been steadily improving.

    Our guild is about having a good time. We have all ranges of players from relatively new to grizzled veterans. We have an active Line chat for anyone who wants to join in. Our objective is to find active players who are interested in improving their squads and having fun.

    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask.
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    Hello, fairly new guild here doing Hpit, haat (oppurtunity), and t4 str. 36/50 members. All daily logins. Discord mandatory.

    Our guild is filled with daily members of lower gp. We do intend on cleaning house as soon as we get 50 members. Making 1m gp mandatory.

    An oppurtunity arises for anyone with haat raid teams, so far i get top damage do to lower gp teamates, we are looking for people with haat teams meaning that you will most likely get the top spots along with me depending on damage. There are no restrictions on haat making it accesible and fun to see if anyone can out damage me.
    To get recruited please visit this discord link below:

    Also its not necessary but having a profile is a plus
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    Siths of moraband
    We are 32 members at 44M GP. Looking for more players a or merger. Currently we run HPIT 2x a week, HAAT 1x and t4 STR but have been able to complete T5. Undefeated in TW. We use the Line app to communicate. We have no daily ticket requirements as we know life happens. We simply all push each other to be better!
  • hyme
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    Heroes with 1000 faces

    New guild 8/13/2018

    We are seeking 2 active players to fill our roster. All members are active daily.
    50 mil gp / Heroic Pitt / Heroic AAT / Sith vi
    Since guild is extremely new we have no numbers for territory events yet. Please come join us.

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  • Nilah
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    Hallo zusammen.

    Die deutsche Gilde „Muintir“ sucht aktive Mitstreiter.

    Infos über uns:
    - 118Mio GM
    - Line als Kommunikationschat
    - 40 Sterne in den Territorialschlachten
    - 10 gewonnene Kriege in Folge
    - hRankor in 15min
    - HAAT in ca. 1-2 Stunden
    - Sith6, mit Vorbereitung auf Sith7

    Unsere Gilde gibt es seit dem ersten Tag des Gildenupdates und die meisten unserer Mitglieder sind von Anfang an dabei.
    Aber auch unsere Neuzugänge haben sich toll eingegliedert und so macht das Zusammenarbeiten im Team ne Menge Spaß.
    Wir erwarten, dass unsere Mitglieder an allen Events teilnehmen, verstehen aber auch, dass mal was dazwischen kommen kann und Familie, Beruf oder Urlaub vorgehen.

    Was wir für Anforderungen stellen:
    - Aktivität
    - Line
    - Teilnahme an den Raids
    - ne GM von ca. 2 Mio wäre wünschenswert
    - Und da unser unmittelbares Ziel der heroische Sith ist, wäre eine Jedi-Rey, spätestens zum nächsten Event, ne feine Sache.

    Bewirb dich bei uns und schau dir ein paar Tage unsere Gilde an. Lass uns dich überzeugen, dass du bei uns richtig bist.

    Nilah Ren
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    The GhostsOfSparta are looking for 2 strong players to join our ranks!
    116 mil GP guild. Hpit and Haat as per usual. 36* in TB. Haven't lost a TW in AGES. All round good people building towards that HSith.
    Would like 2 mil minimum and JTR is preferable!
    If you have any questions, message on here or on discord: Don Pedro X#5134
    I will respond fairly quickly.
    See you at the Hot Gates!
  • Heiko
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    Immer mal wieder auf der suche nach ambitionierten und aktiven Mitstreitern!

    Was wir bieten..

    33* im TB Hell/Dunkel

    In den Territorialkriegen sehr erfolgreich, wir fahren fast nur Siege ein

    25k+ Raidtickets Täglich

    Heroic Rancor und HAAT

    Sith-Raid 5 läuft meistens, 6er ist gelegt und wir farmen die Teams für Heroic. Das benötigt aber noch ein wenig Zeit :)

    Gilden-Gm - 100 Millionen steigend

    Aktive, freundliche und erfahrene Line Gruppe zwecks besserer Kommunikation

    Was wir erwarten..

    Line App ist Pflicht !!

    Rebellen & Imperium/Sith für TB Hell/Dunkel sollten mindestens auf 5 besser 6* sein bzw am hochziehen zwecks Unterstützung im TB

    Farmbereitschaft für andere Teams wie etwa solche die für den Sith-Raid benötigt werden! Detaillierte Infos hierzu werden natürlich gerne im Line-Chat gegeben!

    Aktive Teilnahme, soweit es das Privatleben zulässt, an den Täglichen Gildenaktivitäten und bei sämtlichen Territorial-Schlachten und Raids

    600 Tickets sind nicht Pflicht, jedoch natürlich gerne gesehen ;)
    450 Raidtickets sollten aber täglich mindestens angepeilt werden

    Einhaltung der Regeln und wenigstens ab und zu mal den Chat lesen ist selbstverständlich!

    Bei Interesse bitte eine PM oder Anfrage via Line!
    ID ist tektonik1

    Wir sehen uns am Holotisch!!
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    -Guild Name ~ Revans New 0rder ~ (the o is a zero)
    -Guild GP ~ 80 MIL GP
    -Guild SWGOH.GG

    The New 0rder Needs 1 more member to fill us up, so we're being picky.
    We are currently have 49/50

    Everyone is really chill and we are all very active in chat.
    Discord is a must, we stratagize alot on there.

    We want our guild to be more structured without making the game feel like more work,
    I can ensure that with my very active officers,
    someone will always be able to give you a quick response to any questions you might have.

    We all have lives, we understand real life comes 1st, If you know you will be absent
    for more then one day,As long as its posted in our discord, take off as long as needed.

    We Currently run:
    - Heroic Rancor (24hr Registration period)
    (Members without 7* Do 30% / 800k max damage, all other members post 0,and get randomized rewards)
    - HAAT (24hr Registration period)
    - Tier 5 STR
    - TB 30-38
    -We won our last 4 TWs.

    Guild Requirements:
    -Must maintain 500-600 tickets daily (Not hard if you get your bonus energy)
    -Level 85 min
    -2 million gp- we know what we want.
    -Preferably have JTR,Thrawn,CLS, BONUS IF YOU HAVE WAMPA.
    -Must be active in all guild events (Mandatory guild events are: TB/Every Phase,TW and STR/Every Phase)
    -Any members accruing an absence over 3 days without notice will be DAS BOOTED
    (active military gets 7 days)
    If you have any questions, please feel free to message me anytime.

    Mattnific3nt #4997 Ally Code: 442-294-482
  • Aeolus1066
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    • Alliance Name: The Senate: Naboo
    • Description: Active TW, TB, Raid alliance. 47m GP+
    • Guild reset time: 6:30pm ET / 11:30pm UTC
    • Regular Raids: Heroic Pit, Heroic AAT, and ST4, working towards ST5.
    • Requirements:
    ••• Contribute daily raid and event keys.
    ••• Fight in our guild raids, territory wars & battles every day.
    ••• Right now we are in need of several players so we're taking anyone over level 65 as long as you are a serious, dedicated, daily player.
    ••• Discord required. profile required after joining.
    • Contact Details: Aeolus#8233 or Floor31174#9436 on discord
    Join us!
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    Power Wolves has a few empty spots
    About us
    ~136m GP
    - trying to start running Heroic Sith
    - guild reset is at 930 pm CST (We are mostly from North America)
    - HAAT and Pit attack times are 5pm CST
    - 37* this LS TB, 38 on last DS TB

    Requirements from you

    - minimum 2.3m GP
    - Active
    - 600/daily (or close to)
    - Discord required
    - profile preferred (i'll harass you if you don't have it)
    - Able do the special missions in both TB, or at least close to.
    - not a terrible human being

    Most importantly, we are looking for players who can help us in Heroic Sith raid - aiming to retry in mid-Sept. So JTR, Chex Mix, NS is a huge plus.

    If you're interested: comment, PM, or send a request to Power Wolves in-game
    Any questions, just ask!

    my Discord is basedKami#1702
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