Logray, JE, Jyn, Dengar and Gamorrean Guard


In this discussion I will not delve into the topics of Starck or FOSFTF or FOSFTP as they're all on a fixed rotation for Guild Store spots.

No, I'm talking about the Guild Store exclusives. Jyn, JE, Logray, Dengar and to a much smaller extent, Gamorrean Guard.

These characters have to share spots with multiple characters.

JE, GG, Dengar share a spot. RNG sucks, but it's still tolerable.

Logray shares a spot with the following characters:

Old ben

Jyn shares a spot with:

Kit Fisto
Aayla Secura

How are we even supposed to get *anyone* from there anymore? I want a 7* Logray for sith raid P2 (ewoks), but I'm forced to crystal farm him *the same way I had to do WICKET*, who also has the added benefit of 40 extra shards a month from Endor Escalation.

These are not acceptable odds. One could roll 6 times and only have 1 out of 6 rolls drop the character they want assuming equal odds (which is usually not the case).

Please, at least have 4 of them on rotation in 2 slots (eg. slot 1: logray, Jyn, JE, Gam Guard, Slot 2: Jyn, Dengar, GG, Logray) or just have all 5 on regular rotation on both.

Yours sincerely,


  • Ploosh
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    I really wish they would retire a few of these toons that have been here for a long time from the guild store to GW or arena stores. Just to make more space for the exclusive ftp toons that have been coming to guild store.

    Cuz yeah, an average of 25 available shards a week on some of these is really slow. I'm glad Dengar only has a few to share his spot with, as I had zero of his shards when they announced the BH rework, so it's not going too slow.
  • evoluza
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    Just buy when you can...
  • Kyno
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    The rng of the shops is a bit odd, I get that they dont want to have all characters weighted the same so they come up less often, but it seems we get times when they dont come up at all. It would be nice if it was a scheduled rotation so you know you can get x shards per week.

    That being said, I'm sure they have a calculated "drop rate" that hits whatever point they are looking for.
  • leef
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    All i can say about this issue is that i'm glad i farmed them when i did. Hopefully they keep giving new characters their own slots.
    Save water, drink champagne!
  • Manny415
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    Its called "Play the game". Either pay to win or be patient.
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