Ships are in desperation mode!

The game has never been more stale and boring when it comes to fleet arena. Ships are stagnant and boring. There's only one truly viable capital ship and don't try to debate me on that because you know it's true.

Perhaps if your ships are vastly superior to your shard mates you may be able to run some other ship but everyone else who's lower can probably still beat you using chimaera.

One ship is essentially dominating the fighters, that being tie reaper. There's only one taunting tank in the entire game and it's basically the only viable tank that exists(Biggs).

You have literally let fleet in a desperate situation where everyone can beat everyone, all they need is chimaera and tie reaper. I'm sorry but I am not interested in more content until ships get some attention...


  • Dk_rek
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    kill reaper before biggs taunts...

    These posts are more to do with the ships you ahve farmed and the gear of your pilots...

    Now as to the part with stale...yes i agree....only in that we want a RAID, and more ships...lots more

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