Follow up Update on Sith Raid Rewards - 4/12/18

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Hey all,
Posting again today because I wanted to simplify yesterday's message and try to be more clear, and also because I said I would in the comment's of yesterday's thread.

Let me clarify as clearly as possible the intention of the Sith Raid Reward changes:

At an aggregate level (meaning total for the guild but not necessarily for every individual in it), we wanted to boost the rewards that all members of the guild were acquiring, while addressing some quality of life asks (namely the removal of challenge gear).

The glaring exception that arose from this change was in the Sith Heroic Tier which over the long run is going to be among the most valuable set of rewards in the game. However, in order for this to be true, it will require:
  • The value of Darth Traya to be realized
  • The exclusive new Gear XII 5/6 pieces and
  • Time for players to master the raid.
Furthermore our stopgap solution to drop lots of full pieces of Gear XII until such time that the above criteria was met - was a fundamentally unhealthy decision on our part. You worked really hard to get these rewards, and even though we are confident that you will like the long term picture of mastering this raid, we haven't earned that with you yet.

I am personally responsible for this decision, and for that I sincerely apologize for the missed expectations. We effectively made half of a change in order to address the quality of life asks, without the corresponding change to fill in the missing desired rewards. But more importantly, we could have been clearer and more detailed in the original post, and that is something I intend to take with me moving forward.

However, many of the posted screenshots represent an incomplete picture of what the rewards will look like over the long run. Because there is a degree of chance involved, it is possible to see extreme swings in the before and after, despite that not being indicative of the average result.

It was my intention today to post the before and after reward value for the Sith Raid based on the game data to quell some of the concerns about the value of the rewards dropping.

However, based on feedback we need more time to explain the nuances in a way that is straightforward, succinct, and most importantly accurate. We will make every effort to post it before the weekend and will keep you updated.

Thank you for being a dedicated part of the community.
And as always we'll see you on the holotables,

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