Auto Reset in GW

I apologize if this has already been posted, but I could not find it elsewhere. Is there a possibility of an "Auto Reset" once all levels have been completed in GW? Sometimes I forget to reset, so when I get up in the morning it shows a fully completed GW, and I end up missing a day. Thank you so much for looking at this idea. PS I love this game. Keep at it.


  • TVF
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    You can't reset once a day?
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  • DuneFlint
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    edited April 2018
    If it auto reset it would prevent people from getting 3 clears on gw guild day though.

    Edit: oops, you said after full clear, so it wouldn't break that flow. I don't think it's needed though, if the reset button is enabled, you havent reset yet today.
  • DuneFlint I love the ability to go through GW twice in one day (only if it hasn't been reset) on those raŕe Double drop days. Thatvis why I usually Reset after I've gone through it each day.
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