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We know number one vote will be Reven ! We all know that but I think for a datamine of your own a vote on the top 200 characters u guys think u could work with and let the community vote on this ? Then pick a top 50 toons u know will work within a faction and release them via special promos daily login / marquee and legendary ect events
I know you are very talented geeks ☺️ But I’d like u guys to be able to work with the toons that are sort after by many, some and a little it would also give the commmunity a special anticipation for what toons are likely to come to game other then movie toons which we all know and hope are coming anyway and look forward to their release and I would love for you to add your known votes as well u guys love the game as much as we do u know


  • And a special comment to CG Top Hat I like Stuff too
  • Kyno
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    The problem with this is forum accounts can be created with ease so a relatively small group of people could abuse or at least misuse this system to direct it where they want.
  • Kyno
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    The real problem is that cg does not care one bit what the players want. They're going to ignore us, and throw out more wampas and rose tacos.

    No, not true, but I won't change your mind on that.

    There are probably 4-6 entities that need to agree to a toon before it's considered for release into the game, not just 1.

    I'm fairly sure there is not a single category that you can talk about with players of the game where wampa and rose are grouped together, short of "are they in the game" and other trivial questions designed to group them.
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    Also, I couldn’t care less about Revan. I don’t even know who and why he is. Yes I did read up on KoToR lore, but still have come around to play the game. So be careful when posting your personal believes and claiming to understand the entirety of the player base. I would assume there are others like me around.
  • Thanks Kyno I didn’t think of that kinda of negative factor but I’m sure we can find a way
    @yodahels yeah I’m not the best when it comes to predicting what players want im just going by the Reven chat a while back I think he’d make a cool toon but point I’m trying to make is that even thou player sentiment is out there a good old fashion data mine would help the game players and devs so yeah not trying to blow wind up rebels butt! But I’d rather Darth Malgus any day over Reven
  • @freshprince19888 I know for a fact they care wether they make the best decisions on stuff is one thing but they do care otherwise they wouldn’t be communicating like they have been remember this is a business and they need to make certain business decisions on certain stuff that sucks .... yes I agree but they do care and Wampa is Freaking awesome dude what’s wrong with your eyes ! But yes rose isn’t the best thanks Disney
  • @kyno is there any way we can set up something external and send via in game message like the latest communication ?
  • Kyno
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    Laviscious wrote: »
    kyno is there any way we can set up something external and send via in game message like the latest communication ?

    We can ask but its unlikely. As I said there are several entities that need to approve characters before they can enter the game. It would most likely backfire to crowd source an idea, just to have it shot down during later development.

    There is also the timeline factor, characters decided on today dont just drop into the game, this is a long development and balancing process on top of the decision making process. Again most likely leading to a general sentiment of being ignored.
  • There was already a feedback popup ingame which asked this exact question.
  • The real problem is that cg does not care one bit what the players want. They're going to ignore us, and throw out more wampas and rose tacos.

    Sorry but if they don't care then how come we have a KOTOR raid with traya, sion and nihilus all in the game something a large part of the community including myself have wanted for a long time
  • Kyno
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    My point was that players and star wars fans were asking for a long list of characters to be added, rose and the wampa were not on that list. It had nothing to do with their eventual usefulness. Any cartoon graphic could perform the same skillset. This is a good example of cg's total detachment from their customer base. Just because they finally decided to act like they're listening now doesn't change the fact that they completely ignored us for two years. Case in point... The sith raid is absolutely awful in many ways, but they refuse to acknowledge that.

    Yea, but most people are asking for key toons. They have to release some generic toons to help fill out factions. Wampa was an experiment with a "bigger" character as they said. Not every toon that people want will make it through the approval process, it's not like they are just single handedly throwing out names, but that fact seems to be lost and chalked up to "they dont care".

    Let's not get sidetracked by personal opinions about the Sith raid.
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