Preparation for Event Teams

Aight so I'm preparing for the event teams, as is everyone who does not have them yet, and here is my checklist so far:

Thrawn- Got him 7*
R2- Got him 7*
Yoda- I can get him 7*, probably will do that this time coming up.
EP- Will get him to 7* the next time he comes around.

Here is where the questions start.

BB-8- I currently have KRU, FOO, Kylo, and Phasma at 7* and gear 8. I'm at 21/100 for FOTP, but I am also farming FOE because he's awesome, and I think he'd be better than phasma, and he is a lot easier to get than FOST. The questions are, is that a good move, and is gear 8 with decent mods enough to beat the event? I can probably push them to 9 if needed.

CLS-I have StH at 7* gear 9, Leia at 7* gear 8, and R2 at 7* gear 4 (been focusing FO), FBL is 5* gear 6, and Old Ben is 43/80. I think I can get all of them to 7* gear 8-9 in time for CLS, and again, the question is, is that good enough with decent mods?

JTR-Not even trying it until after BB-8/CLS, poe is 5* and the other 4 I do not even have unlocked.

Also, a little off topic, but there is a three day period in towards the end of April without a specific event in there, and I think that might be a legendary bounty hunter event. I have been farming the OG BH, and I have Boba, and IG-88 at 7* gear 9 and gear 8 respectively, and Greedo at 5* gear 4, and Cad at 6* gear 7 (we have all made mistakes) Essentially, which bounty hunters are the best to go after?


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    For CLS, speaking from personal experience, your toons will all need to be at least gear 9. Farmboy Luke and Princess Leia might need to be gear 10. Old Ben doesn’t need to be too well geared if he’s someone you don’t see yourself using a lot, which it doesn’t sound like you would anyways. R2 should be geared up quite a bit. Stormtrooper Han needs to have a lot of speed and protection so he can be the shield for Leia and Luke in the last stage. Of course, everyone needs a lot of speed.

    I had all 3 omegas on R2, one on Old Ben, and Leia’s leadership omega’d, otherwise all abilities were level 7. Hopefully you’ll get everyone to where they need to be to be comfortable during the event.

    As for Bounty Hunters, Boba is a classic addition for everyone. IG 88 is pretty good, Cad Bane is useful, and Greedo is okay. Zam Wesell is decent as well, but rumor is you need dengar for the event (assuming there is one to begin with).
  • TVF
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    I got CLS without everyone at G9.
    I need a new message here.
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    In respect to the CLS team, do you think Leia is the best leader for that event? or would StH or Old Ben be better? I know I had one guy in my guild beat it with a StH lead, but since I havn't played the event I wouldn't know.
  • Gifafi
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    no.not sure who you have but they are all bad as leaders
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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