Sith raid reward structure

Not sure how this is changing with any new additions, but for now my 95M/47 guild
Is taking 5 to 6 days for tier 5! Mainly because lackluster participation!
The only way to inspire people is to offer 1 Traya shard for top 2 or 3 each raid!
This is minimally changing things and would add spark needed.


  • Hoenur
    28 posts Member
    Even 1 shard would be great for top 3 on lower tiers, would give an incentive, totally agree
  • Vorgen
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    Assuming you complete 2 of those raids per week, if you get 1 shard per raid for placing in top 3, it’s going to take you 73 weeks or about a year and a half to unlock Traya. I don’t think that’s going to make people participate... Back to the drawing board you go.
  • Last post on this raid reward.
    Old structure reward is ok but nothing oldtimers cannot grind out daily anyway
    Just run the raid and let it be 4 times a month I guess

    Re comment would you rather have 12 Traya shards when you start doing heroic
    Raids in 3 months or 0?
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