330 shards!!! No way!

I bought lots of those shards packs! They tell us a "possibility" to get from 5 to 330 shards but the reality is
95% to get 7 shards per pack
4% to get 5 shards per pack
1% to get maximum 15 shards per pack!
I bought oacks to get KRU and ship to 7 stars, darth sidious to 7 stars and the same for Visa shards...
The REALITY IS: 1 7* character bought from shard shop cost 200/250 EUROS


  • YaeVizsla
    3448 posts Member

    This is old news.

    Generally agreed upon price of a seven-star character through those packs is 300 USD.

    While I understand this is a business, not posting the odds, or at least the average yield for this sort of thing is something I find rather sleazy.
    Still not a he.
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