ZQGJ Jedi team got for P1?

i have a zeta and am debating on putting it on QGJ. Would be good for TW and am curious if anyone use this team for P1 of sith raid?


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    I have it does ok you need rex/Yoda for tenacity up to prevent the defense down and protection recovery for nihilus I was able to do around 1 mil in t5 with QGJ Yoda Ezra Anakin and barriss but I had zetas all over that squad
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    It might be better to use GMY lead for P1, since the extra tenacity will help you resist Defence down, and he gives bonus TM for resisting.
  • kalidor
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    Aayla is also a good leader for P1 jedi as well (+40% tenacity, +10% heal per resist). However, there are better squads for p1 than Jedi.
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