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    Kyno I think it's trying to make the most optimal plan and save as many resources. An example is my current farming plan which was to look at it empire => r2 => cls. Unfortunately I've made the mistake of expecting palp first, probably like most people, based on previous event schedule and planning to get him to 7* so that I could focus farmboy luke/old ben after I got my TFP to lvl 7. Now I'm investing cantina/hard nodes on rg, whilst also going after magma to cover my bases as I was expecting on 7*palp to be my 5th. This is diverting more resources from what I could be doing because seriously who wants a 7* RG/magma (mainly because I need to invest in ships). If I miss r2 and cls because schedules were brought up I'm looking at finishing my farming in about a month, and I'm already looking at another 3/6 months before JTR based on what everyone says about vets and I've yet to really touch rey/finn

    Also I think some people are worried because this means CLS is probably next week and they are freaking out because they are still trying to farm leia/han because you can't exactly buy refreshes/spend money (don't quote me on it) to speed them up

    While this is a little bit of an exaggeration, I'm going to use this example anyway. Your plan is like leaving your house at a specific time because you plan on getting green lights the whole way. You may have had all green lights before this time, so it's not unreasonable to expect it to happen again.

    I understand your plan from trying to use limited resources and that's a smart move, but then you are prioritizing resources over the event. It's a hard balance but all factors need to be considered and you can plan on things that are "out of your control".

    It's a hard road to manage as a developing player, and long term plans are always key, but you have to go one step at a time if your plan is going to be dependent on other events in game.
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    I might be one of the luckier people who haven't tried to split their resources so thinly by trying to also level up CLS required heroes, that I've just got to invest my crystals into cantina refreshes plus keep a lot of spare fleet currency to get TFP whenever he shows up (need 45 shards).

    I don't mind that r2 has come early just hope cls doesn't follow behind him and am waiting for 2/3 months. I think some people might have the panic station sirens blaring, for me it's more anxious nerves about whether vader/tarkin/tfp/st are enough with maybe magma/rg for 7* r2.

    Edit: By splitting my resources I mean trying to farm TFP and Farm luke/Old ben as I've already gotten tarkin out of arena.
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