7* Palp

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Have Palpatine at 6 but didn't get old ben to 7* last time in time. Am I ready for next weeks event or should I beef them up a little to make sure?


  • Poxx
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    I found my 2 MVP's to be Biggs and HRScout. Both have strong anti-empire abilities and allowed me to complete it w/ lower gear levels than would otherwise have been needed imo. I would drop STHan for Scout if u can pull it off in time.

    If u keep your current comp, I'd want Wedge, Biggs at gear X to feel positive going into it. And of course...arena mods.
  • What are you talking about, Palp is at Yoda lvl of difficulty they didnt even count on mods when that event was first out.

    To answer original question you are more then ready
  • Got him first try this morning, didn't even lose protection on one character, thanks!
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