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Hi experts,

Looking for some suggestions/advice on how to power through raids. We are running HPIT, which I cannot solo yet. I run my power rebel crew (wiggs leia chaze). I also need to start building a HAAT crew. One fatal flaw I have is no Phoenix. So no Thrawn.

I’m looking to know where to focus my farming and who to gear up. I’m thinking jyn as a starting point, any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • DarthFele
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    Theres two main things to focus to Solo the rancor. Turn Meter reduction and Damage output. Your Wiggs already give you one. My advice. Start farming Zetas to put them as soon as you get CLS. Those 3 character can Solo the rancor. If you want to do Jyn too its fine, you would need her anyways eventually for thrawn ship. but im pretty sure you can find something else better to spend your guild currency for now.
  • commander_unknown01
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    Whatever u do. Dont use leia or ezra. They give back TM to guards/rancor. So ur efforts will be useless.
    U can do it with wiggs and cls alone if u have them.
    G.10 and omega with good mods. Very good speed mods for cls.
    Though if u have thrawn..get him upto mark as well.
  • Waqui
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    With a zeta on vader's lead, you should be able to solo the while thing (add TFP, Tarkin, FOO + 1 empire).

    Without zetas you have TFP (tenacity down), Phasma (speed down, advantage for TFP and TM gain) and FOO that are good. That's only hakf a team, however.
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