Have a red marker next to the characters button

I have a red marker next to the Characters button, but when I open the characters screen there is nothing for me to add or see. Normally I would see that when I had gear to equip, but I can't see anything new to equip.


  • I have the same issue. I went thru all characters to see if there is one to activate but still nothing
  • Red markers represent:
    1. You have characters to level up (max = to your current player level)
    2. You have enough shards to promote someone (3* to 4*)

    Just leave it as something that is always there (you wont have enough money to level up everyone come level 60, so you always have that 3+ red marker lol)

    Unless you have OCD, can't stand that marker, then you might have to purchase lots of credits and training droids to level all of them lol!
  • In reading the rest of the forum I have found the issue. Embedded in the crafting was stuff that needed to be done. It was often multiple layers deep in the crafting
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