JTR Team for HAAT

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alright so I have all requirements for the next event.

Where is JTR used in HAAT and what can she do? sure she can solo some phase?


  • Huatimus
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    Can Auto from tail end of P2 till about 50% of P4.
  • TVF
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    I use JTR BB8 R2 CLS Thrawn. I've only used them a few times so I haven't tried to auto yet, but on manual I can clear P3 and 80-95% of P4 depending on RNG after enrage. Also can do some of P2 obviously but my guild usually clears it while I'm using Resistance there.

    Prior to getting Thrawn I was using Asajj instead. That team cleared P4 easy but I could only do about 50% of P3.

    Prior to Asajj I was using Han, who did about the same in P3 but less in P4.
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