Phase 1 - Jedi or Resistance (also...Bounty Hunters?)

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Hey Everyone,

My guild is currently doing the regular tank raid, and the first phase is proving to be the most difficult. We're getting through Phases 2-4 pretty well, but Phase 1 is still a grind and we'd love to do it quicker. Everything I've seen or read (that doesn't include hero's journey or raid characters) says Jedi are the way to go. I've also heard Resistance is great against the AAT, but it seems like Phase 2 on are where they shine.

I'm in the process of farming my CLS toons in preparation for the event, but nobody in my guild has him yet. Ditto for any of the raid characters and JTR. I'm planning out my next farm, which is down to either Resistance or Jedi since I don't have either faction and I want to aim towards getting through the first phase of the AAT a little faster.

So my question is, which team is better for Phase 1? Jedi (which 5 specifically) or Resistance? Keep in mind, we're not doing heroic so I don't have to worry about "saving" anyone for later phases, and I can't do endless retreat methods because the regular AAT only allows 5 attempts per day.

Bonus question - has anyone tried out BH after their rework in the AAT? If they're an unexpected powerhouse now, I'd love to know.


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    Resistance is for P2/4 (JTR can also do P3)...
    An easy squad to do some quick damage in P1 is phoenix... They just can die (debuffs heal them) and keep countering all the time xD Sadly they dont hit so hard and counter a lot... But they will last until enrrage so some damage at least...
    For P1 keep in mind grevious will get a turn right after the 10th time he get damage, so try to avoid any charcter with dots (like vader), bombs (like BH/jawas) or exposes (resistance).
    For example u hit him with rebels (wedge, biggs, lando, ackbar and leia) and 10 attacks from them is a good amount of damage, then grevious takes a turn... But if u run BH once u have 5 bombs into grevious u hit him 5 times, those 5bombs explodes (for so low damage) and grevious takes a turn :S so he gets enrrage much faster and deal much more damage in sorter time to ur squad...

    Another tip is to take acount of every hit (a bit tiring xD) and then make sure every 10Th time u damage grevious its a turn metter reduction attack, this way u can make grevious just dont attack u, never (until he resist the tm reduction, ok xD). Its so easy to do when u use CLS and raid han alone (since they keeps lowering TM all the time) but u can also have great succes using teebo leader, first order officer, tie fighter pilot, quigon or other guys who reliabily low TM.
    Keep in mind if u wanna follow the TM reduction way u have to use anyone who land tenacity down (tie fighter pilot, CLS, etc.)
  • CPace
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    Resistance is the best way to go bruv. It can be proven very efficient
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