Top 10 Zeta’s May 2018. Plus Massive 1000 Subscriber giveaway!

For those of you that don’t like to watch here is the list:

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Top 10 zeta abilities of April 2018

(In no particular order)

1. JTR Leadership-inspirational presence

2. CLS unique-It binds all Things

3. EP Leadership-Emperor of the Galactic Empire

4. Raid Han unique-Shoots First

5. R2-D2 unique-Number Crunch

6. R2-D2 unique-Combat Analysis

7. BB-8 unique-Rolling with the Punches

8. Finn leadership-Balanced Tactics

9. Thrawn Unique-Ebb and Flow

10. Veers Unique-Aggressive tactician

Honorable Mention:

Imperial Probe Droid Unique-Imperial Logistics

Darth Sion Unique-Lord of Pain

Darth Traya Unique-Lord of Betrayal

Darth Nihilus Unique-Lord of Hunger

Wampa Unique-Cornered Beast

Hermit Yoda Unique-Strength flows through the Force
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