7* BB8?

Once I get FOO to 7* will I be able to get 7* BB8 with this lineup?


  • YaeVizsla
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    Assuming you also get Kylo and either Phasma or Executioner up.

    G8 is generally considered the floor with good mods and key omegas. Minimums are bad advice; always aim higher. Up those abilities, slot some more gear as you can even if it takes some stun guns to do it, and of course get everyone to level 85.

    The BB-8 event is not easy, and a first order team is useful to have around anyways, so don't be afraid to invest more. I'd particularly recommend gearing up that masked Kylo some more.
    Still not a he.
  • komji15
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    Upgrade all of their omega abilities. Omega abilities of them are really good.
    And leader must be KRU.

    Don’t hesistate to upgrade First Order.
    They are useful at Raids and TW, TB.
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