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For CG's kind consideration, if you are deploying a fix for time zones could you please also consider a fix for the users who accidentally went through the tutorial process and ended up with the age restriction and are not able to fully utilize the features of Guild Chat. I understand and support security and safety for all users but there are some who had gone through the tutorial process and didn't understand the ramifications of the age slider would have on guild chat features.

I enjoy the game but I do not want to reset my phone and lose pictures and texts just to get guild chat enabled. Thanks.


  • jkray622
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    Try contacting customer support?
  • Degs29
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    Not being able to chat with minors is a huge issue for guilds. If CG isn't going to allow chat for minors, then it'd be highly useful if we could distinguish between those who can use chat and those who can't.
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    Try contacting customer support?

    I have and at the time there was no solution, but then neither was there a solution for time zone fixes. CG is very well intentioned here and the fix for iOS is have to erase your device and start from scratch and then link up your Game Center account. My only point is if they are considering one time fixes for time zone if they would consider this as well.

    My guild uses Discord but there are good updates coming for in-game communication that I won't be able to take advantage of if they don't consider this as a fix.
  • I agree with Phoenix. If you contact customer support they just give you a generic response. I had to get a new phone and download swgoh and go through the process of it until it came to age restrictions and state that you are not underage. After that I connected the phone to game centre and switched to the original account. Then I was able to change my name of my original age restricted account on the new phone and can see in game chat on the new phone. I still can’t see it on the original phone. The other problem is that you cannot be promoted to an officer. Which is incredibly frustrating
  • Adding on from above. They sensor what is posted in guild chat anyway so I don’t see the point of the age restrictions
  • Has anyone from CG ever responded to or addressed being able to change a restricted account? I, like many others, signed up not realizing that that I needed to set my age correctly from the outset. Can't be made an officer in my guild, see chat, etc...
    EA Help and Customer support are literally no help.
  • Come on how many people have to complain. Just fix this. When an account is at 2.5 million gp there is no way it is going to start again. We missed out on a free Kylo ren but there is no such concern when I am buying things. My guild who is getting Hsith ready does not want a new account as an officer they want my current account. Please delete age restrictions. Or fix our accounts. Yes we put the wrong age in but we have definitely paid for it. Please, please help us out and delete age restrictions on our accounts.
  • PhoenixRed11 is that why you haven’t been able to respond to CapNAmerica and me (Carnin Hase) in chat? I could see your messages, but I don’t think you can see ours. Maybe find me on Discord: Neudawg#0451.
  • Look at all the people with the name mol Eliza like me. With a minor account, they give a name you can’t change. In the this case, mol eliza
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