This Good Enough?

I have a couple questions about my FO Lineup
*BTW, my characters aren't updated on the site yet, but FOO is 5*, FOE is 7* and level 65

Is this current squad good enough for 5* BB8 if the event were to come right now?
With this lineup, what are the minimum level, mods, G.Level, needed to achieve a 7* BB8?
*Assume Kylo has no zeta on his special
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  • NicWester
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    Honestly? If Kylo has a zeta on his special, then the level of the remaining characters doesn't matter at all--provided you have the appropriate number of stars to use them, of course.

    I know that's not what you're asking, but the reason I'm saying it is because my first order was all g7/g8 except Kylo Ren who had his zeta and g10 at the time, and I rode that all the way to 7* on the day BB-8 first occured (It was, to date, the first and only time I 7*'d a legendary on the first try, and I'm still very proud of that feat as someone who hasn't spent money in over a year, and barely spent any before then :P) and he threw off the curve so much that I can't even begin to tell you what the minimums are.
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  • Vertigo
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    Should be good with that team. Executioner will be hard to kill as his health goes up and up from crits. KRU lead is pretty useful.

    *Edit: Make sure you mod them all and upgrade their abilities as much as you can. Your mods don't look to be upgraded much at all, so either you've just been neglecting them or you're low on credits. If you can't mod them all the way up and have their abilities upgraded it probably won't be enough to get bb8. Definitely gonna want mods. The 5* battle wasn't hard, but it wasn't hard with all lvl 15 mods on toons at g8.
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