Zeta Maul with Traya the new meta? Hmm...

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So I'd repeatedly heard Traya, Sion & Nihilus are unstoppable under Zeta Maul with Sith Trooper, better than under Palp infact. Well one of the very best players on my shard tried it out today and I tried my usual squad who also crushed the Palp/Traya builds. Lets see how it copes... And yes his team is considerably better modded too.

(You'll probably have to copy and paste, this forum doesn't like Twitch links) www.twitch.tv/videos/264705895


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    I suppose it coems down to what it always comes down to. Zeta maul is a great zeta leadership but has its hard counters. We may have a rock paper scisors situation where a rey team beats maul lead easily but palpatine teams do better against rey.
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    Your friend has that Maul team modded poorly speed wise.

    Making Sion the fastest is the worst thing you can do. He uses his AOE off the bat and that just feeds TM to a Rex team. Plus it wastes Sion's ability to strip Rex's tenacity up. You want Sion to go after the opposition Rex so you don't want him too fast.

    Better to have Traya go first and isolate someone, and DN to increase everyone's cool downs.

    That makes a world of difference. When traya or DN goes first that team is a major pain to deal with.
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