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do you guys think my empire toons will be ready to get 7star r2d2 when it comes next month


i dont know if i needed to say this but i was planning on using palp lead, vader,gmt,death trooper, snowtrooper.
also wondering what ability's i should omega
another thing it might not update by the time some of you look at it i have palp lead zetaed


  • Well you only have two toons at 7 stars there. You would need to get three more of them to 7* to have a chance. And I don't know if it's doable in that time frame.

    I think the gear would work, but DT and Snow could maybe use some more. And to be frank, I don't know about omega's. I haven't earned 7* R2 yet myself, but Empire is my arena team, so I have omegas galore. Not sure what the minimum is.

    Definitely you need a lot more shards though.
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  • muffin
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    thanks for the help but the only one im really worried about not getting to 7 is DT. gmt will be 7 in 3days snowtrooper maybe a week if im unlucky.
    about gear im planning on getting DT snowtrooper and gmt to g10 and hoping that works

  • I'm guessing gearwise that will be more than enough.

    The advice I've always gotten is to have a plan B. So if you might not get DT, you should be working someone else too. Your RG is closeish, though not all that easy to farm (you can pick him up in the GE store sometimes though). You may want to consider Magmatrooper. If you are clearing GW every day, Magma is a 3-week farm. You could get him to 7* in time guaranteed. It wouldn't interfere with your other Empire farming, so you could do both.
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  • muffin
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    oh i dident think of that im gonna do that thank you
  • Dxtrinc
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    If you have ally points then you can spend them on Bronziums. I almost have RG at 7* only because of Bronziums. Last night I got 20 shards only using 6000 Ally points. Happens for me all the time. Maybe I'm lucky lol
  • Gearing is one thing but when you don’t have 5 7* characters to get a 7* R2, you just simply won’t be able to finish the event.
  • wildirish
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    Unless your planning to dump some cash into farming DT I would get RG to 7*
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