MK V SoroSuub keypad maths doesnt drop???

Tried to farm MK V SoroSuub keypad prototipe salvage on map 5 K Light side (Normal). Spent 300 energy thats Almost 40 tries and got not single one. Either this math doesnt drop or its rare. If its so rare how are we suppose to get 20 for one upgrade. And it's tier VI gear. Come on.
Anyone got this math on this node


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    Higher levels will drop it a little more frequently, but it never becomes easy.
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    They drop in clusters, you can easily spam the sim button ten times and not see any and then hit a space of five sims where it drops each time. Unfortunately it's quite frequent you see like about 5-10 attempts without a single drop...

    They do however pop up in the shipments every now and then.. Also one of the challenges at higher tiers drop some too
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    Nothing better than blindly buying up all the shipments to find that some thing i was trying to grind for days just appears ready to craft/equip! I have Tier 6 gear on Talia because of that. I don't normally have the patience to try for 5 of any one thing knowing the drop rate is under 10%!
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    I can never tell what I'm buying at shipments
    These names are too complicated to memorize, and there's no coloring on gear in shipments
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