Question about arena shipments: focus on sid or go for hk-47?


I just got Sid to 5* and I was wondering: stick with his shards and get him up to 6* or go for HK-47? Right now, since I'm playing as mostly F2P (got doku pack and a few crystals but no big spender here), I have very few good characters, namely:
Sid 5*
Doku 4*
Lumi 5*
Consular 4* (yes, worst luck ever in cantina)
Talia 4*
Chew 5*
and not much else, Ashoka 2*, IG-86 1*, Tie fighter pilot 1* and the initial tanks.

I usually clear 12/12 galaxy war, so I wouldn't strictly need to build a second squad. In arena I'm sitting around #30 going down to 50-60 during the night and getting up to 20-25 before 6pm. I usually run Sid leader, doku, talia, lumi and consular. I could really use something to get rid of talia who right now is probably the worst character in the team. Plus, I always face a lot of jedi in arena so HK-47 would be a good substitute I guess.

Tomorrow I'll get Old Daka, but I'm not sure that adding another healer to the team would really benefit me. I usually end up with a couple of minutes to spare but still, HK looks more versatile.

Or I could just stick to Sid and get him even stronger, the amount of shards is the same. What do you think guys?


  • You should start building other strong attackers around Sid. I was lucky to draw a Talia at level 4* and once I geared her up to 6 she's a good sniper and is a backup healer to Bariss or Luminara. I'm trying to get Old Daka too because I have no dark side healers. If she's modestly geared, she's not that great for PvP. Go for HK, he's good against Jedi and if you pair him with Poggle, you have some firepower. Plus I've seen HK come back to life after defeated.

    You can check squad synergies here:

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  • So, if I go for HK I should also stop farming Lumi shards in gw and go for poggle, right? And maybe invest into my IG-86..
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    Lumni is just so good though, but I wouldn't blame you for wanting to do something different
  • The main question is: right now I've got a decent team that clears gw and holds in top 50 arena. Will it hold if I just keep raising stars? Or in time will I need better characters (and farmable ones, doku for example is stuck at 4* and is already starting to lose potential)? I fear that if I just keep working on sid consular and lumi, i'll end up in a team where 3 out of 5 will be 7 star and the rest 4 and I won't be able to keep up.

    On the other hand, it will take a week to get the new characters and another week to get them to 5*, so by the time they get to 5* I may be facing teams of 6* and my new characters won't keep up anyway.

    I guess I'm going to need input from soft launch players here:P

  • i dont have hk-47 but im all the way for sid.He is awesome and ill stick to farming him.In my opinion asajj ventres is better that hk so will get her once i finished up with sid.She is the only character with 5 abillities,a stun, aoe and positive effect remover.
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    HK does a decent amount of damage and he has the health of a tank. Usually last man standing if I'm defeated. Have him at 5* 7th gear level. But other than his consistency he doesn't have too much else in the way of special ability other than his detonators. Their damage can take out a couple players in the red in onevery shot or clear out some support droids.
  • That's funny cause I'm #30 now :)
  • I'd say stick with Sid. No point investing this much and then stopping half way. Sid is a great utility and as many, many people have done before, you can really build a good team around him. HK is awesome, but not only do you then need to start from scratch, but also build an entire droid team from scratch. It would take longer than its worth, when you already have some good toons to build fully.
  • Listen to Phoenix. Even Poggle has iverlap with him, but Poggle is Droid specific anf Geosian. Sin adds critical chance, abd critical damage, can stun, prevent healing (best feature even except that Barriss can normalize health), do damage over time, do an AoE damage, and is also good leader when you need to clear a key char fast. Why have many average players?

    Also, I have Talia at 7*. Talia requires a way of playing. Always use her heal when ahe is 100%. Save your other healer as backup. Talia has great passive health regen. She can almost always stay alive by herself: just use her normal hit every time she is below 80%. I can add 700 health per hit, almost every time. She WILL live until your other healer ciments her as definitely alive. She daies good damage too. She is nit that great in PvP because the ******** AI diesn't know how to play her. But she is still very painful to opponents in PvP. It's another healer, and a heavy hitter. And regens unaided for long shelf live.
  • Ok, thanks for the input guys.

    I guess I'll stick to Sid and Lumi in arena and GW then. My talia is only 4* right now and I'm focusing on consular in the cantina, he'll be 5* in a couple of days. Do you think I should switch to talia when he gets to 5*?
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    Ok, thanks for the input guys.

    I guess I'll stick to Sid and Lumi in arena and GW then. My talia is only 4* right now and I'm focusing on consular in the cantina, he'll be 5* in a couple of days. Do you think I should switch to talia when he gets to 5*?
    I'm doing Talia first because she is slightly more efficient being 8 energy, and is already past 6★. But since you have Consular I would finish him first and let your opponents dps Talia first turn to keep him alive longer. I am also using reward crystals for 2 refills on Cantina per day which makes a massive difference on mission farming and shipment farming. Combined I'm taping more shards there than GW.

    Talia's heal also gives 25% turn meter at level 5 btw so it almost makes up for the buggy AI.
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  • It's all in the math here!!! I always fare much better playing Squad Arena and Galactic War. I find Cantina the most irritating due to the low amount of shards you can farm daily playing. Buying crystals will not get you much further ahead.....
    • Every round you play in Cantina gives you 13 Cantina credits to buy shipments.
    • You get the first 10-12 matches basically for free daily or 130-156 Cantina Credits.
    • Every time you spend 100 crystals you get another round which lets you score another 130-156 Cantina Credits.
    • If you do Cantina 3 rounds per day, you can farm one 5-Pack of shards daily with a few credits left for the next day.

    At this pace, it'll take you about:
    • 16 Days to open a 4* character
    • 10 Days to open a 3* character
  • Actually, talking math, higher cantina battles (the ones that cost 10 energy) are better credit wise, tier 1 and 2 matches give 13 credits per 8 energy, meaning 1.625 credits per energy, while tier 3+ gives 17 credits for 10 energy which is 1.7 per energy spent..
  • Took me 4 days to upgrade luke from 4 star to5 using a refill a day. I also got a lot of cantina material and valuable lvl 2 mats, so it is quite valuable.
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