Ships 2.0 Update - 6/7/18

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Hi Holotable Heroes,
Thank you for all your feedback on Ships 2.0. We have received a ton of great responses and ideas for improvements in the future. As with all parts of our game, ships battles will continue to evolve and change over time.

Keep in mind, this is only part of the picture for Ships 2.0, there are features still to come. Specifically, the PvE table should allow players to earn more resources and practice new strategies. The current single node for reinforcements is just to allow folks to start experimenting until there is a place to earn Reinforcement Materials and Ship Omegas from the Fleet Battles table.

We will remain vigilant in monitoring balance concerns and re-evaluate as needed.
We have also heard your feedback that the Level 60 Ship Challenges are too difficult. We are making these significantly easier in today’s update and the first challenge tier should be completable by players who reached this tier recently. This should also make the daily activity to complete this challenge more achievable.

Finally, I wanted to mention that the reason *I* am posting this and not Crumb is that he is headed, along with RyDiggs and Erik, down to EA Play this weekend to meet with some of our players and take them around EA Play. This is one of the very initial offerings of a VIP Program which we will share more on at a later date.

It also means his responses will be a little delayed in the next few days, which with our moderators’ help, I will do my best to assist, but may be a little bit delayed.

Thanks as always for your commitment and feedback, and we’ll see you on the holotables,

Senior Producer, Galaxy of Heroes
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