Squad check for BB8

I need some help preparing for the BB8 event... My FO toons for the event will have to be KRU, KR, FOTP, FO Officer, Phasma. All at my level (84), all at G9 by then. They'll be wearing my best mods, which are OK at best. At the moment, skills levels are:

KRU 6/8/7/3/7
KR 6/6/6/6
FOTP 5/5/5
FO Officer 4/4/4/4
Phasma 5/6/5/3

My questions are: KRU as leader, or is there any other reasonable option? Which skills must I improve (I have 30 purple mats, and 15 omega, plus whatever I'll farm until the event). Do I have any reasonable chances of beating the event?



  • Random9
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    Take all aiblities to 7 to be safe. You'll be OK
  • Calastar
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    KRU lead is better than phasma level it up. Zeta would be nice, but I'm not sure if you could do that. Otherwise you should be fine
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    This is what I used, with those mods and I 7stared it easy and it is much worse then what you have. You dont need any zeta or omega as you can see from my squad.
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    Thanks everyone. I ended up with KRU G9 (lead), Kylo G9, FOTF G9, FOO G9, and Phasma G8, with weak mods. Level 6 took some work, other than that it went real smooth.
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