Ships 2.0 How to crush the (Biggs)Meta with the Imperial Fleet

Don't like new Ship Battles and the Target Lock RNG Biggs Meta? Join the Imperial Navy! This is a Video Tutorial (click) for upcoming Pilots. Trust the Empire, crushing the Biggs Meta was never easier.

  • Full Empire Setup feat. Tarkins Executrix Capital Ship and Gauntlet as the answer to Biggs and friends.
  • Fights are over in 60-90sec.
  • You don't need the Ultimate.
  • Follow up the guide and enjoy a unique Fleet Setup that can easily climb to the top of your ship shard. Have fun with Ships 2.0!

Note: You can run Executrix with the common Biggs+TIEs Setup too, but the only real advantage over Thrawn/Chim is that Tarkins Ship is faster so you get your Reinforcement early but overall you are back to Target Lock RNG Meta.

I hold top10 over night since the update and only need 1-3 battles over the day with this fleet. My shard is full of Thrawn, Biggs + TIEs but at least more and more also try Executrix or Home One. Main problem is, that most Fleet shards have only the "old" Pilots/Ships upgraded and the new important Omega or Reinforcement Mats are super rare - it will take a while (maybe PvE Fleet Battles will change it) if most catch up or even try new unexplored Ships/Setups too cause its a huge investment currently. Biggs is also better now, cause damage was scaled down and besides lesser overall damage in a 3vs3 compared to 5vs5 the damage basic/specials (with some juicy 15+30% upgrades) all need the rare Omega mats. So damage will go up in the future and hopefully help enough players to get rid of the tanks fast enough.
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