Ship challenge bug

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With ships 2.0 the ship challenge became even more randomness. But I have tried a few times today and noticed the following:

AI calls reinforcement in round 1, 2 and 3 (seriously) - are you kidding me?
AI capital uses ultimate and right afterwards calls another reinforcement (nr. 4) - sure fun!

Could you please invest some time and let the AI play correctly and not cheat on your players? I am not telling about my Biggs not even get a TL even he got advantage up - its just insane coding.

Please do it right. We all love Star Wars. I like the new characters you implemented. But take a look and make this game good playable and not a feast of randomness. The new Sith raid goes along this feast of rng and its insane amount of hit-points just make no sense. Its just no fun to play. Make this game again just will have more success with it.

Want a place for hardcore players than do it only in hard-modes - outside of it skip this thought.

Ship challenge tier V
Mace Windu has same speed as g12 Endurance with 7* i guess the whole fleet is a g12 7* fleet - you seriously have whacky coding

Its not tier VI...its just tier V and for what to overpower the player like this? This newest update is really just literally UNTESTED and un-fun!

But in positive I like your graphic designers and character designers work from the new Solo movie heroes.


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    I have tried about 100+ challenge fleet fights for the Home One - and Biggs got ZERO target locks. Could you please check your system? Its already unfun 3v3, unfun home one challenge against g12 fleet with quad protection up - but than you even debuff the player with crit (no crit immunity on ships counting this). Are you serious about this?
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    Please adapt in challenges:
    No reinforcement at round 1 (happens rarely)
    Cool-down for reinforcements (commonly getting two or three in row)
    Remove Rebel ships in Home One challenge
    Tune ships down...maxed out skills are meant for the last tier (i guess chimera event will be real fun now, i suppose same great programmed as territory battles i.e. simply forgotten =))

    Wedge is the only healing/buff immunity for rebels - if they simply switch tanks to rex the whole system doesn't work, the upgraded Clone Soldier is simply working too well and you didn't adapted the whole system to make the difficulty level similar. You can barely overpower the protection tanks unless with exactly those last skills, which you should NOT have at all. Everyone before didn't had those skills and they should not be balanced on them. If you do a new "ship raid" thats fine to require new skills, but all old stuff should always be same difficulty or if what easier, never more difficult.
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