Ship Challenges need a difficulty correction after 2.0

Devs/whomever can fix this,

The Ship Challenges and Capital Ship Challenges difficulty levels need to be addressed for every tier, not just the first. After 2.0, suddenly, I can barely 1 star or not even complete certain Tier III challenges with pilots at G8 and above (two are g9.75) 7 star, and ships 4star and above. My Tie Silencer being 7 star.

My pilots and ships are not the issue here. I get #1 in fleet arena daily. Only one person in my shard has a 5 star capital ship and that was gotten before the update. My whole shard is well over the lvl recommendation (painfully so) on all these challenges with fleets that would have beat a tier above prior. This is not my whole shard incapable of strategy and implementation. This is a problem with the difficulty.

I am a paying player and I don't mind a small increase in difficulty with a new layout but this is egregious and hurts the newer player base. The difference between the older player base and newer shouldn't grow, it should recede with QoLs and such, so that eventually we can be in alliances together and keep the game running and growing. We are seeing the opposite play out in ships 2.0.

Please address this.



  • I have found the fleet challenges have shot up in difficulty too. Unfortunately I did not focus on executrix first as my capital ship, so only had it at 4* before ships 2.0 came along.
    Where before I was inching towards winning the next tier of capital ship upgrade challenge i now count it as successful if I kill a single ship.
    Under original ships I was getting the enemy fleet down to only one enemy on occasion.
    Now I seem to have no way of getting that all important 5* executrix.
    I'm still working my dark fleet up, but it is just depressing how long it is taking.
    Meanwhile I'm falling behind in all aspects of the game because of not getting to do that executrix challenge.
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