Can we have an road ahead post

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Mods (7dot,management...)
Gear and lvl increase
Reworks (LIKE GRIEVOUS!!!!!!!)

It feels like a waste of time to farm mods because the unknown future.
And buying gear for money is also a waste, because everyone catches up in the time we get nothing new.
Nothing wasted, but where the hell is the Grievous rework?

Thanks for information, your community!


  • Kyno
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    A road ahead and answers to those specific questions is a little different.

    The road ahead is actual things coming to the game, none of those are guaranteed to be coming to the game in the immediate future.
  • evoluza
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    Doesn't matter if they call it road ahead or random update 234. Telling us there plans does matter. The only grind ist waiting for marquee characters and farm them from hardnodes. That's not enjoyable, not at all. They can keep it how it is if they wanna lose more and more players!
  • I know they said they weren't going to release characters outside if Marquee, Legendary or Raids, but at least increase the unlock past 2 star so that way I don't just have a bunch of credits wasted on starring them up.

    Mod Management I thought was being worked on.

    I don't want 7 dot mods yet.

    Gear and level is coming don't worry.

    Grievous rework is coming but I don't know when. You can see my version here if you really would like and are desperate. He is about halfway down the post.
    I make character kits! Ask me and I will try my best to make one for fun.
  • evoluza
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    I know it coming. I wanna know when.
  • Kyno
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    evoluza wrote: »
    I know it coming. I wanna know when.

    Even the road ahead only covers a short period of time, I'm sure we will hear about at least some of this stuff in advance. My point is that they wont just release that information of it's not coming out soon. They dont just say stuff is coming eventually, they update when things are "real".
  • YaeVizsla
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    I believe the commitment they made was to quarterly road ahead posts (with margin of error), so the next one isn't due until early next month.
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