What else to 7 Star r2.

I have a 6 Star r2. I have palp Vader and tarkin at gear ten, tie at gear9 and royal at gear8. I have Vader and palp maxes with omegas. What else should I omega? Thanks. Will this get 7 Star r2?


  • Vendi1983
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    That will definitely do it if you're lvl85.
  • Darth_Scott
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    I have average mods. Do I need to gear anymore? What about omegas for tie fighter royal guard and grand moff
  • Vendi1983
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    Never hurts to Omega a character you'll use elsewhere. General rule though is don't Omega just extra damage, particularly if it's only +15% (i.e. Royal Guard basic). There are better abilities to spend omegas on. Later on if you're rich with omegas go ahead.

    Tarkin improves greatly with his first two omegas and the third is even better if you use him in arena, GW, etc. Constant cycle of debuffs to add to stacks for Vader to cull.

    Gear is good. Could be higher but your most important two are at G10.
  • Should I take Vader and palp to 11 or tie and royal guard to ten.
  • Perspective: I did this event at lvl 79 with no omegas, Tarkin (L) Vader RG Stormtrooper and TFP. You will be fine where you're at. EP makes this event easy.

    Vader, TFP, and Tarkin all have usefulness in fleet, so there's no harm in pushing their gear up. If you're running an EP lead in arena, you should be gearing him up anyway. As for omegas and mods, I'm a big believer in "wait and see" - try the event first, and if you need to add omegas or put on better mods, do it then. Don't waste your resources.

    If you're really worried about mods, make sure your mods are optimized - all these toons except RG should be heavy on potency and speed. Vader and TFP benefit from crit chance/crit damage. RG should have a lot of health and protection.
  • Vendi1983
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    Also for RG, I put a 5* Health arrow with Critical Avoidance as primary, +15 speed secondary. Keeps him alive and taunting longer as he rarely gets critically hit. All other slots are protection primary stats, but health mods. The longer he has protection, the longer he's above 50% health and can stun on basic.
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