Minimum GP for Heroic Raids

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Searching for Heroic and GP brings up a million Guild recruitment posts. So I'll ask here:

What's the typical MINIMUM GP to complete each of the heroic levels of the three raids?


  • Stud3099
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    It's not about GP. It's about having the right toons. For example, you can have 49 brand new members in a guild (level 40ish) and one person whose been playing for 3-4 months and be able to do heroic Rancor with total guild GP of 4Mil.

    To come up with some numbers though, if everyone in the guild started around the same time and no one person is drastically higher GP and everyone grows together, then:
    HPIT - 20-30Mil
    HAAT - 50-60Mi
    HSTR - 120Mil+ (not too sure on this one though)

    Again though, it's really dependent on if people are farming toons that work in the raids. If everyone is farming arena toons only and not thinking about raids, then those numbers could be higher. Conversely, if everyone is farming toons specifically for the raids, then those numbers can be lower.
  • Vendi1983
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    That's pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks! Guild is 50% active, 30% semi, 20% lazy. So it's frustrating trying to rally people for higher tier raids...

    Yet they don't complain about the rewards.

    I'm building a team to solo rancor as I'm tired of waiting for everyone else.
  • crzydroid
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    Those numbers sound about right for HAAT; we beat our first one not long before TBs started, and I think we were 50-55 million going into that. For STR, it really depends on the mix you have of who has the raid teams. I think a 120m guild where everyone has their act together could do it, but if you have a lot of people that aren't close to the right teams, you could be 120m and a few months off.

    The thing about HPit is it can be done not just by a solo player, but a solo team. So if you have the roster where you can put one together, go for it. But unless you have strong ties to that guild, you may be sick of carrying people, especially as you are doing tank and STR. There are enough new amazing characters now where one person tank solos are possible, but it takes time to get there. STR is still tough, and one person physically can't carry TB to any decent number of stars.
  • Vendi1983
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    I don't mind taking time to build my roster, just struggling to motivate Guild mates outside of a select few to do the same.

    Thanks for all your input!
  • Waqui
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    Beating heroic AAT requires only one CLS + Zolo team for phase 1, one ABC team for phases 3 through 4 and then phase 2 can be dealt with by various scrap teams or teams like Wedge lead rebels, resistance, zader lead etc. If only you have the first 2 teams in the guild then you can complete it with far less guild GP. My alt's guild did it before hitting 40 million GP.

    For heroic pit raids several team combinations exist which are fairly easy to aquire and which can solo the whole thing. One player can solo the raid and carry the whole guild before he hits 700k GP.

  • I think a 100M guild should be able to do it or be close if they are small now and working on all the pieces necessary. If the guild was close to this size when the raid was released with some bloated GP teams, I can understand this not working, but if they are in the 50-60M range, working towards the pieces needed for all phases, then I don't think that is unreasonable around 100M.
  • I've got a 110 million gp guild and we're only doing a tier 5 str if that helps
  • Darthsetty99
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    My guild cleared hsr at 111m gp. Really depends on having enough of the right squads. We're 116m gp now and kill it in less than 12 hours.
  • Yeah for raids GP isn't as relevant as having the right teams.
    One person with CLS can solo Rancor.
    One person with Wampanader can solo HAAT.

    As for STR its still a numbers game. Recently I saw on reddit a 100M GP guild beat it. My guild did it at 108 with 44 members.
    So having the right teams for each raid (and each phase of that raid for STR (and HAAT possibly) is way more important than overall GP.
  • We just starting farming HAAT at 38 Mil but it was mostly me and a few other top members. I did 26 mil damage with CLS for phase one, resistance in phase 2 and ABC in phase 3/4.

    If you're not the guild leader, I'd suggest leaving or restructuring the guild. That's what I had to do cause we were stuck at 17 mil going nowhere.
  • Funny this got resurrected. I switched guilds about a month ago. Ran my old guild's first-ever heroic Rancor, because our leader was uncommunicative, and rarely checked in. I solo'd it with Zader right off the bat, collected rewards then immediately myself and my two brothers took our 2.5 million GP to another Guild I found on here. Been loving it ever since. Not regretting switching one bit. Thanks guys!
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