Got Jedi Ray at level 80 with 2 Omegas.

Just finished the event

I used

Finn Gear 10 and 2/6 to 11 (the cheap ones) Omega on First skill and 3 star on 2nd skill. Leadership maxed (no zeta obviously

Ray Scavanger Gear 9 5/6 pieces. Was thinking to put the 6th one
Skills 5/5/7/7 . Omega on the 6th one
Chewie Gear 8 4/5/3/3 Skills 4/6 pieces of gear

Mods: Finn I used very little speed mods I used Protection Arrow and 2 more protection mods on main so he could stay alive.

Ray 2x Health and 4x speed mods (bad ones) I got her to 70 speed with the arrow and the bonus put it at 78 I guess

Chewie he had all kind of garbage mods maybe 50 speed with the Arrow.

Han was gear 8 also at level 70 but you can do it with worse Han I had Finn at Gear 8 at Level 3 battle

Bassicly the first 4 levels are not that hard you can do it with some retries. On Tier 4 I focused on Stormtroopers if you kill them without losing a guy its easy. This round bassically depended on FO focusing on Finn. If they target Ray you have to restart cuz she can be killed

Tier 5 battle

That was hard I tried it at 9/8 gear (finn/ray) got destroyed . Once I put 10/9 I started reaching last phase but its important some of your stuns to protect so you can reach with decent health.

Last battle I believe I got lucky. I focused on Tie Pilot first. Almost got him killed before Stormtrooper taunted. Then I removed the taunt with Chewie and finished off the Tie Fighter Pilot.

Now its the tricky part I went and killed the Trooper because it taunted but if you do it with my gear you have to hope for RNG. Opposition should spread its fire and you can do it. If you kill 2 guys and u are still alive you got it. I left FO Riot for last spot I was shaking when he was alive

Its very annoying event without Zeta and gear 9 and not good mods but its doable with a lot of retries


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