JTR Requirements (OMEGA's and Purple Mats)

Hi guys,

My biggest bottleneck are omegas and I was wondering what omegas are actually required for this event?

I currently have G8 Finn, G8 Rey, G8 BB8 and haven't geared Vets yet but will probably G8 them as well.

I don't mind gearing Rey or BB8 but probably won't bother with the others.

Any omegas that are strongly recommended?



  • I tried from no omegas at the beginning and get easily to tier 5. (All tier 7, bb8 tier11 but defenetly not a need) after a while struggling on tier 5 I started doing omegas 1 by 1 till finally did them all. Still was not enough. I put my best mods (from arena) on Rey and Finn and that did the trick. Try doing that before putting omegas and maybe that would save you some omegas. At the end it was gear 9 for Rey and Finn with only one piece left on each one for gear 10 however I do believe that the mods did the trick. Good luck!
  • This is exactly the stats of the team I ran, Try matching the stats with mods before doing the omegas and you might make it.

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