Gear for CLS

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Will this suffice for CLS.
Luke gear 11
Old ben gear 10
Han gear 8
Leia gear 8
R2 gear 6
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  • See if you can get Leia, R2, and STHan to at least lvl 80. If you can, see if you can bring R2 to gear 7. Also get some speed on your characters, they’re way too slow. The last round might be tricky, you’ll need Luke to carry the team if you don’t decide to put any more gear on your characters.
  • R2 needs to be higher. Like G8 preferably. Leia needs at least G8. Han preferably at 9 to make him more tanky or just put a ton of protection mods on him.
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    Edited, thought they had to be lvl 85, just 7 stars. My bad.
    I looked at your roster, agree with above.
    I didn't have ole ben 7* but barely made that far with Leia at g9, luke,han,r2 g8
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    Getting wrecked by the stormtroopers on the last round. Will be able to omega Han’s abilities tomorrow and hopefully that should take me through
  • Just got CLS!!
    Thanks for the advice everyone
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